Monthly Archives: May 2015

BH2: Achievements!

Finished the icons for the achievements. Time to implement them now.

I’ve tried to do more quest-like achievements this time, rather than stuff you’ll get by just playing the game normally. So these include beating certain levels fast, beating some levels without shooting, beating super hard bonus waves without taking damage, etc.

BH2: Godly Eye Preview

Woop, I did some work on Bullet Heaven 2! I’m not working on it full time yet, but I’m starting to slowly get back into it.

This is the last premium boss. It’s specialty is shooting bullets from all around the player.
There won’t be a bonus version of the final boss, cause I’d rather make one amazing final boss than two decent ones.

eyeball eyeball2

My Official Accounts

There’s a lot of fake Epic Battle Fantasy pages out there, and I thought I’d make this post just so people know exactly which pages are official and run by me. Pages that I made but aren’t updated anymore aren’t listed.

I don’t mind fan pages and stuff like that, but a lot of these pages pretend to be run by me, and that’s not cool.

So here’s a list of accounts and pages that I control and regularly update:
(you can also contact me on most of these accounts, and I read most comments)

My Website: (posts about my games and personal life)
My Facebook: Epic Battle Fantasy series (posts about my games)
My Twitter: KupoGames (very frequent posts about everything, great place to contact me)

My DeviantArt: KupoGames (posts about my games and personal life)
My Kongregate: kupo707 (my games)
My Armor Games: Kupo707 (my games)
My Newgrounds: matt-likes-swords (my games, my older animations, also some news posts)
My Google Play: Kupo Games (Cat Cafe, mostly abandoned, do not contact me here)

My Crappy YouTube Channel (updated very rarely, do not contact me here)
EBF4 Steam Store Page & Forums
 (great place to discuss EBF)

If you’re following “me” anywhere else, it’s either a fake page or an abandoned page.
Obviously my games and work appear on a lot of websites, and that’s fine. But I only personally post them on the ones mentioned above.