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Android Game Updates

Hey guys, recently my older Android games were starting to get hidden from the Google Play Store, so I quickly updated them for Android 13 compatibility. Epic Battle Fantasy 1, Cat Cafe v2, Brawl Royale and Mecha Dress Up Game should be ready to survive another 2 years on the Play Store. I didn’t test them very much, so hopefully the update didn’t break anything.

I’ve also made Cat Cafe v2, Brawl Royale and Mecha Dress Up Game totally 100% free with no ads. No one was buying them before, so hopefully they’ll get a little bit of love now.

I don’t plan to publish these games on iOS btw – it’s very easy to publish tiny games on Android, but it’s quite a pain on iOS with the extra steps that are involved there. And even EBF5 is doing much better on Android than on iOS, in terms of downloads and sales. Apple has let me down!

Cat Cafe v2 on Android!

Cat Cafe v2 is now live on Android for $1.

It’s basically the same as the old version of the game, but has been updated to run on newer devices, has less grinding and no ads, and the bug that deletes your save file is now fixed.

The old version of Cat Cafe will stay on the Play store as a separate app, but can only run on Android 8 and below, I think.

I’m currently porting Epic Battle Fantasy 1, so please support my mobile efforts by buying my other games and leaving nice reviews. Mecha Dress Up and Brawl Royale were recently published too.

As usual, I’ll make iOS versions eventually, I’m just not ready to work on that yet.

Cat Cafe Achievements

Finished the achievements for Cat Cafe!
As you can see, you get some in-game money for completing them. A lot of them also have multiple levels; basically several similar achievements grouped together into one.


Yeah, serve those cats.

I also added in alternative animations for all of the cats, so now there’s 3 or 4 variations of each animation. You’ll see these in action fairly soon. Hopefully the game will be ready for beta testing in 3 days or so.


Punching Bags x3 is 125 cats!