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Fanart: Cow Costume

Hi Folks!

There’s just over two weeks left to take part in the EBF Valentines Fanart Contest! Head on over to the Discord server to find out how to participate to win cash prizes. We’ve received some incredible entries already and you can look through them in the #contest channel on the server as well.

Here’s some amazing fanart of Natalie by CaptAnaugi and commissioned by CirnouliK.

EBF4: Improved Controls

A big part of updating the EBF4 map controls for mobile is making sure all of the interactive elements actually have the hitboxes they appear to have. In the original game, you needed to click on an NPC’s feet to talk to them, or on the tile in front of a sign to read it, for example. This was pretty awkward, even on PC, and has been fixed now. NPCs, foes, and slime cats now have two tiles you can click on, and smaller objects like item pedestals have been centered better on their single tile. This is especially useful for touch controls where there is less feedback, but helps a lot with mouse controls too.

Valentine’s Day Art Contest!

Hey guys, first of all, it seems that this website is having some issues and not loading sometimes – sorry about that!

On to the news: we’re hosting an Epic Battle Fantasy Valentine’s Day art contest!

To participate in the contest, create some sappy and romantic fanart of your favourite EBF romance (canon or not). Make sure to post it to the ⁠contest channel on the EBF Discord server with the name of the art piece, your name/nickname (how you want to be credited), a link to your art page, and the contest tag. The deadline is on Valentine’s Day Wednesday February 14th at 10PM GMT, and the contest tag is “Valentine-Contest-Entry”, don’t forget to include it with your entry! You can make as many entries as you’d like, but all art must be new, image format (.png or .jpeg), made by you, and PG-13.

There is a total of £500 (~$620) to be split between the top entries, as well as Steam or mobile keys for any Epic Battle Fantasy games of your choice. Cash prizes will be awarded by PayPal or bank transfer.

Entries will be judged by me and Ronja (more judges likely to be added), and winners will be announced within a couple weeks after the deadline.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!