Monthly Archives: September 2019

EBF5: Battle Arena Done

Hey guys, I’ve finished and tested the 1vsMany battles in the Battle Arena.
They’re pretty interesting – at least on Epic difficulty – every battle is like a combat puzzle where you need figure out a specific setup to avoid being wiped out immediately.

The rules of the Battle Arena are:
Each player must win 10 battles without leaving.
Each battle is one wave.
Summons are not allowed.
There’s no Game Overs – you can retry immediately if you lose.


EBF5: New Map Sprites


Here’s some new map sprites for the new foes that need ’em.
I was lazier with some of these than others.
No, I’m not gonna draw a whole bone golem from scratch that will be visible for a whole 3 seconds.
new map foes

And here’s some new icons.
leftover icons
In other news, I rescued a stupid bird today. It got stuck inside our roof for hours and wouldn’t let us sleep.