Wall of Thanks

Here my most devoted patrons are immortalised forever, or until this website ceases to exist, whichever comes first. Behold:RoyaleChaos – “Do your best in life and don’t let it pass by you, reach for the top and no matter how much blood, sweat, and tears it will take, you can do anything!
Isaac Steffert

Karl Stevenson
Jacob Smith
Jonathan Matkin
Marc Thielbar
Espen 001
– “Huh… I guess this game truly is epic. It’s even in the tile!”
Dylan O’Dwyer Belcher
Tran Quang Huy
– “I love the references the Epic Battle Fantasy franchise offers, keep up the great references!”
Patrick Makowski
Shy Ohev Zion
Dante Dimiceli

Glenn Silkman
Océan Petit-bagnard
Grant Walker
Drake “TrueWolves” Higgins – “Never be afraid to ask for help.”
Kristian Markovich
Jascha Bohne
Michael Breter
Callum Clarke
Franklin Simmons
Luke Shannon
Serenity Amber Carter – “Get your money’s worth: Forget about AAA games and buy EBF instead!”
Akita King – “I’ve been working hard so Matt doesn’t have to.”
Wes Kettner
Jan-Rintje Apeldoorn
Matthew Montano
Cody Walker
Jayson Petroski
Merri “I just like Matt’s games.”
kvilao – “With 115 hours on EBF4 and countless undocumented hours in every other game from Matt, I’ll always support you.”

Insane2903– “Lost many days from playing EBF, and I don’t regret a single moment of it.”
SenorButtSqueal – “Hi”
Londy Tong-Lee
KupoFrost – “the east will rise again”
Jason Heinz
Nick Vasquez – “I am God.”
Sohra – “There’s a reason my DM reclassed my paladin a palalol after the first session. He’s alas not allowed near AOE.”
Jake Harfoushian
ninja_dragon2 – “Kill it with fire so you can eat it later!”
Amrit “RocketZX” Takhar – “100+ hours well spent on EBF3 & 4, better than most RPGs out there.”
Weishu Meng
Tyler Black
Harry Palmer
Ethan A. Palser
– “An inspiration for why I want to make video games.”
Alice E Griffiths
Ryan Warsinski
lime mike
Jonathon Morrison
I Need Reviving
– “I am in need of an immense amount of coffee (GO MATT!)”
Solan Hunter Bass
Brandon West
– “Thanks for keeping us entertained since 2009 :D”
– “My favourite turn-based game since childhood! :D”
Manabu Shiraki
Zentra Hellra
Adam Mitura
Graeme Barley
Ton Chihao
– “I love your work Matt and Phyrnna!”
Shyheim Bradley
Kade Carlisle
Ominous Otaku
Martin Lord Fanta
Kyle Charpie
Martin Nguyen
Pedro Lopez
James Garvey
Jeff Clark
Ian Touchstone
Dasty Dubstep
Night Emperor
Jay Nyne
sʞɔıp ƃuıʍɐɹp uǝǝq soɥʍ
Michael Cooke
Derick A. Hartman
Hilda Evernight
Chandler Harmon
Liz Comtois
Marshall Francies
Ian Donohue
Kyle Humphreys
William Durville
Astor Night
Maskaarr Masuno
James Watson
Robert Fiscus
Fenrir Wulf
Jordan Davis
Lunatic Rabbit
Sindre Urdal
Orin Marcus McFadden

Galleta Rancia – “These games inspire me to study to be a game developer”


44 thoughts on “Wall of Thanks

  1. Glowie

    Hi, It’s me again.
    I wanna say something, I apologize that my father pirated ebf5, I still have a job nor the computer haven’t been fixed yet.
    I apologize for this, I hope I would buy it in the future soon.

    1. Glowie

      Oh yeah, not to mention.
      I did brought ebf4 legally in steam!
      And I using the television to play the computer sadly it is only 2 weeks before I can play it again.
      But I did finish the game!
      And I still haven’t figured out if my family is currently poor or not.

  2. yooooo

    I’ve been playing EBF series since like 2012? I was pretty young back then, but this game is 100% the first thing i think about when someone asks me about my childhood. I finished EBF5 like 10 minutes ago, and ngl i really cried at the end. I’m really surprised how underrated those games are, they will forever be my favourite lol.

  3. Someusername

    I’ve been following this series since the 2nd EBF came out, and really loved it since the 3rd one.

    I had been periodically checking for when the 5th would be out, and only recently found it – I absolutely love it, and just wanted to thank you for your hard work with this series throughout all these years! :hurray:

    I introduced my girlfriend to EBF5 and she really likes it now too, haha.

  4. Grey

    i think i have a plan if ur gonna make EBF6 if ur gonna make EBF6 the new character should be a fan made character for a new EBF character
    PS: if ur not gonna do this its ok i know it was hard for u to make EBF5 cause i finish it already finish it about 14 hour 38 minutes

  5. Guni986

    if only if I could pay some cash to help you out for making a really good game id type “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MUHNEH GUYS WHY ARE U NOT FUNDING THIS” 😥 :bleh:

  6. Maat Tanzim

    This game is a representation of my happy childhood. Absolutely adore it and waiting for EBF 5 <3 :yay:

  7. ejdjwqd

    Hi Matt! You probably won’t read these but… I’ve been a BIIIG fan of EBF since the EBF2 came out. That’s quite a lot, huh? I don’t even remember how many years it is, but i know that we all and i really appreciate your hard work. You’ve been here even when everything was bad, but you just didn’t give up and still made and make the game. As i said, i’m a fan since the EBF2 and I remember I was only a lil child That didn’t know English at all.(Actually your game made me teach English) And My big brother was my age rn and he did like almost everything for me(oops) and we like played that game everyday 24/7 THAT MY PARENTS EVEN HAVE PICTURES FROM THEN WHERE I PLAY IT. and now i’m still here, waiting for EBF5 and all I wanted to say… thank you so so so much for making this game and making it my childhood big memory :yay:

  8. big fan

    is it ok if i use the swords concept art and make 3d prints of them ? and if so do you want pictures when i finish them :ooo:

  9. A good man

    they were a good guys :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :stars: :stars: :stars: :love: :love: :love: :yay: :yay: :yay:

  10. Iko Flugel

    Thanks for making the games Matt ! Can you tell us more about the lore of EBF5 ? Huge fan of the series <3 :stars:

  11. Joseph Howard

    Someday, I hope to be on this wall. There will be a link to a website where my creative characters are published, too. I plan to make it happen, but I can’t do it quite yet.

  12. alex

    ahhh cant believe it it is just some more and it is done…I want to specially thanks to everyone who helped even a little

      1. Agentr9154

        probs it wont,its as probably as this bacon ( :bacon:) will last more than 30 minutes when im near by


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