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Here’s a collection of Flash animations I did a long time ago, before I started developing games.

My YouTube channel can be found here.
I post random videos every once in awhile.

Black Mages 4
Black Mages 5
No Name
Final Fantasy Battle
One More Final Battle
Peach Blossom

Game Prototypes

Some early versions of my games used to be hosted here, but since the death of Flashplayer, I’ve included them in the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection on Steam. You can play 30 prototypes of various quality in there.

57 thoughts on “More Stuff

  1. Az0riusG4mer

    Here’s something I haven’t yet figured out: what pattern does the staff from Adventure Story have for draining mana ❓ Is it based on a percentage chance of draining, a fixed amount of melee damage dealt, an amount of damage that varies based on level, or what ❓
    Also, I’ve been trying to grasp the damage formula for the main EBF series. The wiki has what might be the true, full formula, but I can’t seem to understand it enough to put to create an example scenario yet (at least, I don’t think). Would anyone who knows the formula please give me some examples of the formula in action when an attack hits a target ❓ And what again is the crit multiplier (what percentage of additional damage is dealt with a critical hit) ❓ Although I’d prefer at least one each of an elemental attack and a non-elemental (phys/mag doesn’t matter), one example may do. Just…so many parentheses ❗ ❗ ❗

  2. Alex

    Hey Matt !i have some questions
    1:Is EBF5 adventure longer or smaller ?

    2:Can ou do EBF MOBILE ? (for mobile phone)

    3:ALL musics is by Phyrnna ? Or there musics by someone else ?

    4: i know EBF4 is on STEAM … EBF5 will be on STEAM too

    5: And if EBF4-5 is on STEAM why EBF 1-2-3 why they are not on STEAM ?

    Thank you ! and EBF serie is ALL my childhood :love: :stars:

    -Alex 2017/10/04

  3. Chocolate ferret

    Hey, kupo. I was wondering if it was still gonna be phyrrna (idk how to spell it) doing the music. I loved it in the last game, btw. If so, there is an artist named murtagh that is also very good and i was wondering if phyrrna would want to team up with them for the soundtrack. Seriously tho, the music is the best part of the whole game (coming from a casual gamer)

  4. wilbbad

    hey matt as a person who love rpgs EBF is quite fun love it the art is beautiful love the combat the summons and the cats :yay: . to see someone work on a game this a well designed with difficult and fun boss fights. love it :love2: can’t wait for EBF5 :stars:

  5. Benette

    i have a though on people who wants EBF4 on Mac, Matt have you tried using Wine(its an application to run windows program on mac) to make it compatible for mac users?

  6. Gale

    hey matt i have a question it is will there be an ebf6 pleese reply if youd that would be amzing :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  7. Ragnus

    Question for EBF5 :
    1. Will there be a Secret Bosses on Each Area? ❓
    2. Will there be more Disturbing Mons? (i hope yes 👿 )
    4. How many Stages will there be in Total? (Just Askin)
    5. Lastly is it a Free Webgame? (Plz yes 😥 )

      1. Nightheaven

        On the topic of question 5, are you going to model it after EBF4? Namely with the option of purchasing the game to unlock premium content? I feel like, from a profit focused viewpoint, that your games are good enough to be standalone. Take out the option for premium and have people buy it like any other game. I’m no expert though, but I really enjoy your games. Your art style is very unique, animations for special moves are extremely well done, and best of all you make the game yours. Point being, either way you go, you already have my money. :yay:

  8. PolaBunny

    maybe you should try to bring some characters back either as shopkeepers or a npc, maybe even bring Kat back from final fantasy battle who knows :smirk:
    maybe theres a chance where you can talk to shopkeepers at some point :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :bacon: :bacon:

  9. TehOW5

    Hey Matt! :hurray: Great job on all of your games. I’ve played them for as long as i can remember, and they given me ideas of the types of games I want to make! :stars: Thank You for all of your hard work, and BH2 hype

      1. 2ndJ3ss3

        hai Matt
        Maybe for EBF5, u could make lots of bosses (Main bosses for the main plot and other bosses for other plots and/or quests). Also, i thought u could add a Scientific Calculator Monolith, were its attacks depend on wat it inputs. Also, maybe the enemies on ther over world (except bosses) could move. For example, a Green Bush starts at one end of the map and creeps slowly, then rushes 2wards the player and . Monoliths of course cannot move but maybe u can prove us wrong.
        And b4 i go, im from Kongregate as 2ndJ3ss3, Roblox as 2ndJ3ss3 and 2ndJ3ss3markII and Steam as 2ndJ3ss3.
        . . . . . . . . . . also can u make the music more like EBF3 and the final boss be like Akron. kthxbai
        . . . and coffee :coffee:

  10. Mikey Forster

    I really am disappointed about the whole extra stuff in the premium version. I really wish I had the full version for free and record it on youtube. 🙁

  11. Dani

    Dude, I tried AHK to workaround the default commands in BH1, because I just can’t stand doing the D-pad on my right hand, but I haven’t succeeded in that for some reason.

    Any chances we’re going to be blessed with the possibility of toggling between the arrow keys and WASD for our D-pad in BH2? Sucks to have to stick to the arrow keys. I cross my arms in order to play BH1, but it’s not a pretty workaround.

  12. NolegsNoworries

    Hey no problem! :yay: BTW! I love bullet heaven, played it ever since it came out and ive adored it so much its really fun and it reminds me soooo much of the classic arcade games like galiga, but i am so super hyped for the second one me and my friends cant wait to play it together :hurray: yay for co-op! But i have a favor to ask do you think you could gift my friend darthhappy a steam code for EBF4? Ive been telling him about the series and he says he is very interested in playing it :smirk: but i totally understand if you dont wanna give it out for free its no problem XD i cant blame you! But thanks for replying and i just wanna add instead of just your rpg series, i say you have the best games ive ever played your other games should NOT be under appreaciated compared to the EBF series!

  13. NolegsNoworries

    Matt, thanks for making such an awesome RPG series, i recently bought EBF4 on steam and beat it :yay: and ive also played and beaten EBF1-3 and i must say i absolutely love them! You, in my opinion, have the best RPG series out there, it has amazing art, fantastic story, nice soundtrack (which i am currently listening to while i am typing this :ooo: ) and very well built and hilarious characters! I have played your games since i was 10 and i love this series so much! Matt and Natz are awesome and so is Lance, but i have to admit Anna has really grown on me alot! :hurray: Sooo sorry i have made a very long comment XD but your games have been around since my childhood and its very nostalgic to play them :love: anyways i have said enough but thanks again for the amazing series and i HOPE to see EBF5 in the future (not to be a hound about it because i know your hard at work on other projects atm) but time will tell! :smirk:

  14. ebflover777

    If ebf is the only manga you ever drawn… I draw better. No worries. EBF inspired me so much, I surpassed what seems possible. :yay:

  15. Fujiwara

    Hey I suggest creating a Online multiplayer battle game. Everyone gets to customize their characters and and weapons.

    Make sure everyone has a variety of cosmetics and cloths that help their look. There should be a giant leader board and the goal is the be one of the top fighters.

    There could be guild fights, team battles. Random matches, and the style would sorta be like the one in ” one more final battle”

    I’ve been thinking about this sorta thing or years. Just a suggestion.

  16. Lance Zone

    Matt try to make some human sommon characters like a bard named melody to do random effects. :hurray:

  17. Alecsander

    Could you give the Youtuber lucahjin a Steam code for Ebf4 ❓ I have a feeling she’ll really enjoy it :yay:

      1. springmikh


  18. nicco

    Hello Matt,

    My name is Nicco, and I am a BD manager of a browsergame company. I was really impressed by your great talents and hardwork on games. And we’d like to channel your titles, especially the EBF. Please contact me if you are interested.

    Wish you all the best.

    1. Matt's Long-Lost Brother

      Just pack some ice, fire, and lightning spells along with some coffee & other healing-related things. Equipment isn’t that much of a thing :shades:

  19. Tamoor Shahid

    Some of your animations were weird 😡 but cool. :shades: Don’t understand what the peach blossom one was meant to mean though. ❓

    1. TreeKitty^^

      Um…the Peach Blossom is a diff version that kupo made of a Levan Polka (or something polka. search it on youtube) AKA Leekspin.
      :smirk: kinda nerdy of me, eh?


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