Monthly Archives: March 2021

EBF5: Big Chungus Interface

Hey guys, I’m back to working on the mobile version of Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

I’m currently improving the interface for mobile screens, which mainly involves making everything 20-25% larger. This may not seem like much, but that translates to 40-55% more click area, so it really helps.

It may seem like a quick job, but since the UI already took up most of the screen, it’s not possible to simply make everything bigger. In many cases I need to rearrange UI elements, split stuff like Medals, Summons and Bestiary into more pages, and add a zoom-in feature to the minimap. Tooltip behaviour also had to be changed, since touchscreens don’t have roll-over and roll-out functionality like a mouse, but I’ve also added in a “Stylus Mode” option, which basically reverts to the PC mouse controls.

I also had to fix a lot of graphics to display correctly without filters, such as the status and buff icons.

Overall it’s going well, if a bit slowly. I will try to get a beta Android version out in a few weeks.

Fanart: EBF4

Hiya Folks!

We’ve been keeping busy with spring things, dog things, game things, and work things this past week and are getting Very Ready for the warm weather to make a return. The sun just makes the dullest day feel magical.

Speaking of magical, here’s some lovely fanart of the EBF4 posse from Wes.

Fanart: Lot of Lance

Hi Folks!

We’ve been working, enjoying the sunshine, and dealing with some minor dog related scares (Ethel is absolutely ok!) these past few days, and are starting to look forward to summer and getting to see friends again. Hope you’re all still staying safe and taking care of yourselves and each other!

Here’s some great fanart of Lance and Lancelot from Meepers.

Fanart: Pixel Gangs

Hiya Folks!

Spring is in full swing and we’re enjoying all the sun we can in between the torrential rain and wind storms. First flowers are doing their thing and the world seems a lot less terrible on sunny days.

Here’s some epic pixel art of the EBF5 gang and their counterparts from Myntz.