Monthly Archives: February 2016

New Battlestation

I’ve settled in my new apartment and thought I’d show off my new battlestation since I upgraded quite a lot of stuff recently. Got a new desk, monitors, tablet, webcam, and mugs!

My computer is still pretty good despite being 4 years old, so I’ll wait another year or two before replacing that. I honestly didn’t expect it to last this long, but I guess I did spend quite a lot on it.

Other goodies in my office include a small fridge for drinks, barbells, and lots of Amiibos.
battle station

EBF5: Key Items

I made a lot of key items because like last time, I don’t know how most of them will be used. A lot of them will probably end up being quest items. The shovel and raft will be fun new mechanics.┬áThe raft will let you move on water, but you can only get on at piers. The shovel will let you destroy sand and snow piles, and also dig for treasure, maybe with the help of those treasure maps.
key items

EBF5: Food

I made food! There’s quite a lot here, so some of them will probably become quest items instead of usable items. There’s a few things I’ll be doing differently with food this time:

  • MP probably won’t exist in EBF5, so no MP items.

  • Each character has their own stat-boosting items, so your team will be forever balanced.

  • More items will heal by percentage rather than a fixed amount, making them never become totally obsolete.

Can you guess what all the food items are? Which one is the tastiest?