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BH2: Preferred controller layout?

Hey guys, I’d like some feedback on the controller layout in Bullet Heaven 2. (especially from those of you who actually got controllers working)

I’d rather not program button rebinding because that’s a lot of extra work, and most shmups have the exact same controls anyway.

Using the XAB buttons for attacking and triggers for changing movement speed is pretty standard, but some shooters (particularly twinstick types) also let you use triggers for bombs.

So the question is, which trigger button would you guys like for bombs, if any? Cause right now they’re both used for slow movement. Would shoulder buttons for bombs be okay? Should I add an option to switch the left and right shoulder/trigger buttons?

Let me know how you play shmups.

BH2: Translation scripts – Feedback plz

Hay guys, the Bullet Heaven 2 translations are more or less done. I’m getting ready to put them into the game. If anyone speaks Spanish, Portuguese, German or French, and is interested in helping out, you should have a quick read through them and offer some feedback. We’d like to know if the dialects are neutral, if the translators missed something, and stuff like that.

Here they are:


BH2: Data Transfer

I’m working on a cool feature that EBF4 should have had: Data File Transfer!

You can now save your Bullet Heaven 2 data to a text file, and open it on another website, or in the Steam version, or just use it as a backup.

@LEJONRRUK on Twitter was the first guy to get all the achievements in BH2 (as far as I know), and it took him about 60 hours. So you’ll want to hold onto your data after that!

I’ll definitely keep this feature around for future games too. 😀

I also changed the menu style a bit!