Monthly Archives: November 2020

EBF4: Maintenance Update

Hey guys, I’m working on a quick, but long overdue, update for Epic Battle Fantasy 4, that fixes some major issues.

That includes fixing the memory leak, a few skill effects that didn’t work as intended, some unfair enemy attacks, and the unbalanced way that enemy stats scale after level 32.

The game will also use EBF5’s launcher, meaning that it’ll be DRM-free, the Steam overlay should work now, it’ll have a few more resolution options, and the saving system will be a bit more reliable.

Anyway, how do you guys feel about the enemy scaling in Newgame+ and Newgame++? Is it still beatable on Epic difficulty? I could keep it quite similar to what it was before, but make sure it doesn’t affect the original final boss, as that seems to be the unfair part. Also, the old formula seems to make easier difficulties even easier on Newgame+, and I don’t think that was the intention…

Fanart: Matt Cosplay

Hiya Folks!

We took some time off work this weekend to relax and watch a bunch of movies, and now we’re back to work with some new stuff in the works, possibly. In the meantime Christmas restrictions and guidelines are getting decided on, but we’ve been making plans for staying home and having a lonesome holiday period this year. Less socialising will mean less hassle and stress though, and we are all about those silver linings!

Here’s an amazing Matt cosplay Keenan wore for Halloween. The work was made mostly by Keenan’s mom.

EBF Collection: Checkpoints!

Hey guys, after doing my livestream yesterday, I remembered just how incredibly hard and punishing Epic Battle Fantasy 1 was. So I’ve taken everyone’s request and added a checkpoint system to the game.

It’s not a saving system – you still have to beat the game in one session. But every time you get a Game Over, you now only go back to just after the previous boss. If a player was dead when you reached the checkpoint, they will be saved as if they had 1 HP.

I’ve also made sure that you no longer have to play the game multiple times to get the different difficulty achievements, and I’ve increased the power of the TV Boy and Calamity summons, because I want to see them get used a little bit more.