Monthly Archives: November 2013

Performance Test Results

After looking over the results of that previous performance test, I’ve decided that the requirements on Steam will be…

“Recommended: 2Ghz CPU x2, or better”

I’m not going to bother with a minimum requirement, because that just depends on what level of crappy performance each individual is willing to put up with. But that recommended requirement should be fine for medium quality at standard definition.

If you want to go up to HD or high quality, you’ll need a lot more power. I don’t recommend ever using both of those settings at the same time though. Whether you find anti-aliasing or a higher resolution more important, is up to you, I guess. But I think a higher resolution in a lower quality looks better.

Another thing I noticed is that running the test outside of browsers sometimes led to a huge improvement in performance!

On my PC in particular, performance was massively worse inside of Firefox. For others the difference was smaller or non-existent. I guess this depends on browsers, operating systems and settings, but clearly running EBF4 as a standalone application will have a noticeable performance improvement for many users.

That is all.