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Mecha Dress Up Game on Android!

Mecha Dress Up Game is out on Android for $1!

Compared to the original, it’s got a completely new interface, color picking features, a cool new soundtrack by Forger343, and a few new parts. So overall, it’s got way more re-playability now.

Please check it out and leave a nice review!

If you missed it, I also released Brawl Royale on Android recently, and will re-release Cat Cafe soon.
iOS versions are coming… someday. I don’t have any experience with iOS yet, but once I learn it should be a fairly straightforward process to release these games there too. But at the moment I’d rather focus on mastering Android and building a solid library of games.

Brawl Royale is live on Android!

Hey guys, Brawl Royale is live on the Google Play Store!
Please buy it for $1 if you want me to port the rest of my old games – and please leave a nice review to get some marketing momentum going!

I do also plan on doing iOS versions, I just don’t have any Apple devices or experience with iOS yet, so that’ll have to wait a bit.

This is the updated version of Brawl Royale from the EBF Collection – so it has 4 difficulty settings, a new soundtrack by Phyrnna, reaction timers, and the copyrighted characters have been replaced.

Mecha Dress Up & Brawl Royale Mobile

Hey guys, I’m doing two very quick mobile ports of Mecha Dress Up and Brawl Royale.
I chose these two games because they needed very little changes to work on mobile – I finished porting Brawl Royale in 1.5 days, and it looks like Mecha Dress Up will take around 3 days.

I’ll be charging around $1 for each game. Keep in mind that these are the new versions of the games, with the same features they will have in the EBF Collection on PC. Brawl Royale has 4 new difficulty settings, the option to skip many animations, and timers for reaction times. Mecha Dress Up has color-picker functionality and a few new accessories. Oh and both games have new soundtracks!

Anyway, I needed a break from EBF5 – the mobile version is finished and tested, but I need to implement ads and in-app purchases for the full version, and I’m a bit stuck on that. I’d love to just stick a $20 price tag on it and ship it, but I don’t think that approach would do well on mobile. That only works with very well known games, so I gotta get my name out there with a freemium game first.

As for these small games, if they do well I could port all of my old stuff to mobile. EBF1 and EBF2 just need to be translated from AS2 to AS3, which shouldn’t be too difficult as they are fairly short. EBF3 would take a while longer to translate, but I’m sure it would work great once done. Cat Cafe needs some very minor changes to work on newer versions of Android, so that would probably be the next game to do. Bullet Heaven 1 and Adventure Story may or may not be tricky – I’d have to test them out and see if they run smoothly. EBF4 would be a lot of work, comparable to EBF5, so I’m not too keen to do that one any time soon. Bullet Heaven 2 should be fun to port – it runs pretty well without any changes, and I think the porting process will be quite quick for what is a fairly large game.

But I’m only gonna do all that if people show interest and buy the games as I port them.

I’ll let you know as soon as the games launch, but at the moment, the Google Play Store is being quite unpredictable in how long it takes to approve games for release. Brawl Royale is ready to go but is waiting for approval.

Who knows how many days we’ll have to wait?