Hidden Cats and Dogs: Blood Filter

Hey guys, I’m quietly working on Hidden Cats and Dogs in the background. Gradually getting ready to have a small demo ready, but there’s still some vital features missing (like a victory screen!) Around 20 levels are finished, so there’s already a lot of content, even if it’s not fully polished yet.

Today I implemented the option to turn off blood and dark themes, so seeing dead cartoon animals is optional. (This also effects minor references to Satanism, suicide, drugs, etc.) So the game should be suitable for all ages, if you wish.

EBF4: New Lore

Hey guys, in my previous post I mentioned that all battle dialogue in EBF4 will now have full-sized emoticons to go with it. Well I figured this would also be a good chance to add some new dialogue for the bosses, something which I regretted not doing after I first made the game. All 12 main bosses have new dialogue, and there’s also a few new lines for the players in relation to the new summons. Overall, there’s gonna be a lot of little extras to incentivize you to replay the game.