EBF5: Classic Foe Icons

Hey guys, some modders have started adding foes from previous games into EBF5, so I’m helping out by making some icons for anyone who wants to use them. Here’s what I’ve got so far, maybe I’ll make some more later.

If you want to follow progress on EBF mods, the EBF Discord is the place to do it. ebf_mod_discussion is the channel to chat about them, and ⁠ebf_mod_archive contains some mods you can download and patch into the Steam versions of the games.

Steam Autumn Sale!

Hi Folks!

The Steam Autumn Sale is on and that means you can now get EBF Collection for 40% off, EBF5 for 50% off, and EBF4 and BH2 for 70% off until November 28 10AM Pacific.

Please remember to leave reviews for any of the games you’ve not reviewed yet as that helps us get more visibility in the Steam Store.