Browser Games

Here’s a bunch of free Flash games – now powered by Ruffle, an open-source Flashplayer emulator.
Most of these games won’t work well on mobile – you should play on a PC!

The first few games are made by me, and the rest are by other developers.

Epic Battle Fantasy
Epic Battle Fantasy 2
Brawl Royale
Mecha Dress Up Game
The Kitten Game
Bullet Heaven 3 [Prototype]
Throw Rocks at Shit
Brain Toasting Dungeon
Spot & Click
Drop Cannon
When Pigs Fly
Abobo’s Big Adventure
Dad ‘n Me
Meat Boy
Miami Shark
Ultimate Crab Battle
Learn To Fly
Fancy Pants Adventures
Bubble Tanks 2
Bloons TD
Toss the Turtle
Portal Defenders
Gretel and Hansel 2
New York Shark

18 thoughts on “Browser Games

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve found ebf5 ruffled on Kongregate. I like Kongregate, it’s a great site, it kept the EBF5 series even after flash died, and gave people a way to play it even if they didn’t have money or a steam account (as is my situation)

    1. Anonymous

      It doesn’t fully work though. It’ll likely be fixed later, but I was able to do a fight before it died.

    1. Anonymous

      Different company, though. Not sure Tony Solary and Matt Neff (Flipline Studios) would approve of Matt Roszak putting the former’s games here without consent.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Flash is dead in browsers, buddy. This was announced years ago.

      These are games that currently work in a Flash emulator, there will be more to come later.

  2. Loquen

    thanks for this but i have a little problem, the games have low fps sometimes, it works well and then it lags for no reason, it doesnt matter what i do, for example FPA is really annoying for this


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