Throw Rocks at Shit

“Enemy forces are in full assault of Lake serenity, as was the same in times of old.
Victory will not be simply handed over to the wicked invaders,
for the young but otherwise brave girl Roxanne is blessed with powers of stone and ki.
Defend humanities last hope, the great lake from darkness.”

Here’s a game by scoober-steve and D-SuN, made for the Flash Forward Game Jam. This is actually a remake of a 10-year-old game!

My high score is 3500 – good luck trying to beat that.
The key is to not hit the big poo, and to not use up your super charge.

4 thoughts on “Throw Rocks at Shit

  1. Anonymous

    I sat there fore a hot minute just staring at the person cry over the shit going in the water laughing my ass off lol


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