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Epic Battle Fantasy Collection – Out Now!

Hey guys, the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection just launched on Steam!

The EBF Collection includes Epic Battle Fantasy, Epic Battle Fantasy 2, Bullet Heaven, Adventure Story, Brawl Royale, Mecha Dress Up, The Kitten Game, Cat Cafe, a bunch of prototype games and artwork, and a whopping 150 Steam achievements!

All of the games have been updated with quality-of-life features, such as volume controls, new difficulty options, and other cool stuff. Adventure Story has a bunch of new levels, Bullet Heaven has new playable characters, and Epic Battle Fantasy 2 has new unlockable upgrades!

On top of all that, the 65-track soundtrack is included as a free DLC download!

The game is $8, but there’s a 20% launch discount that will be active for one week.
It’s also part of the EBF Bundle, which means you can get another 20% off if you buy it with the other EBF games (or already own the rest). EBF4, EBF5 and Bullet Heaven 2 will also be on sale for a week – so it’s a good chance to grab the whole series.

If you are a Mac or a Linux user, you can buy the game on – the launcher only works on Windows, but the individual games can be opened in a Flashplayer of your choice (there’s one included in the download section).

Fanart: EBF4 Natalie

Hi Folks!

It’s a cloudy weekend here and we’re taking it easy and seeing friends and family as well as playing games and building Lego. Hope you’re all having a nice relaxing time and catching up on sleep.

Here’s some cool fanart of EBF4 Natalie from Zevskiy.