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EBF5: Map Menu

The map menu is finished! And it only took about a day!
I’m really glad I put in the effort to make the map segments line up, and to make the paths very clear. Now it all shows up very well on these tiny screenshots, and there’s not a lot of tearing visible. All looks pretty natural.

Completed sidequests and the location of the next plot goal or key item are also marked on the map.
So no more excuses for getting lost. It’s not too hand-holdy though, since the goal is usually a few tiles into the fog and you have to figure out how to get there.

I started off drawing the map like in EBF4, before realising that it looks terrible and that screenshots work better – and are also much faster to do.

EBF5: Achievements

Usually I leave achievements for last, but I’m doing them slightly earlier this time.¬†I can’t implement all of the achievements until everything else is done, but I’m doing the ones that I can for now. Here’s a selection of some of the icons. They’re designed more for the HD version of the game this time, but should still look okay in the tiny 50x50px versions.

There’s probably going to be 100 achievements in total.

EBF5: World Demo

The EBF5 World Demo is up on my Patreon for anyone’s who’s thrown more than $1 at me there. That should keep you busy for at least 5 hours if you want to explore everything.¬†Testing is going well so far with not a lot of bugs being found, but maybe that’s just because the test group is only around 200 people this time. Hopefully I can move onto filling up those treasure chests now and then writing some story dialogue.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is 80% done now!
cult gif

Fanart: Dark Dress Natalie

Turns out I left a lot of EBF5 work for my future self. Polishing off the world map is turning into a big task. Today I’m working on labelling areas correctly, so their name pops up on screen and you get a little picture of it in the save menu. Also still a few more bugs to fix.

Here’s some cool fanart by Epifex!