EBF5: Achievements

Usually I leave achievements for last, but I’m doing them slightly earlier this time. I can’t implement all of the achievements until everything else is done, but I’m doing the ones that I can for now. Here’s a selection of some of the icons. They’re designed more for the HD version of the game this time, but should still look okay in the tiny 50x50px versions.

There’s probably going to be 100 achievements in total.

27 thoughts on “EBF5: Achievements

  1. Dark_Forces48

    yey! lots of achievements! i can actually recognize what they are for ( just alil bit ). im not sure, but sure hope it rally was it.

    btw im really excited to play the ebf5! :yay: :yay: :stars: :stars:

  2. Agentr9154

    Still loving these photos of the stuff :love2: .I cant wait to play.
    But you can take your time however long you need,I dont mind,i just want to play very badly!

  3. Az0riusG4mer

    I was slightly surprised that the complete game will likely have fewer total achievements than EBF4, but I redid the math and EBF4 Premium has 104 achievements, making this total not quite as far off as I thought ❗

  4. Just took a really difficult Physics midterm

    Do we get rewards for completing achievements other than personal satisfaction? I’m fine either way.

  5. Dewayne

    I love how the enemies look like they’re tripping balls. Especially the pelican. I can’t stop laughing. Love the artwork.

    Matt, have you considered porting this to video game counsels? How does one even go about doing that? Like the PSN store and stuff or even a full release. I bet this would sell like hotcakes.


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