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Test Post + Igloos

Hello world, we’ve done a long overdue website migration to a new hosting service.
Hopefully https works correctly now.
I’m making this post to make sure the website works correctly – everything should be the same as before.

Here’s some igloos that I recently made for Hidden Cats:

Christmas Giveaway Results

Hey guys, the Christmas Key Giveaway is now over, as today was the deadline for entering.
In the end, I gave out 45 Steam keys, with most of those being for EBF5. I ended up giving out so many keys because much more people entered than I expected – the post got over 1,100 comments, which is more than any previous year. Me and Ronja spent a few hours reading all of those comments!

If you are a winner, then I have already sent you an email (check your spam folder just in case).
Otherwise: Better luck next year!

I hope you all have good holidays and that Covid-19 doesn’t ruin your plans too badly.

Finally, here’s some festive fanart of NoLegs, by PathologicalLurker.

Christmas Key Giveaway 2021

[This giveaway is now over. Here’s an update]

Hey guys, as is the tradition, I’m giving out 20 Steam Keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 5 this Christmas.
I assume that many people following this news already own the game, but it could also make a good present for a friend of yours.

For a chance to win, leave a comment below about what you’ll be doing this Christmas, and make sure to fill in the email field, which will only be used for sending you a key if you win.

I’ll be giving out the keys on the 23rd of December, so you have until then to enter.

If you would rather receive keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 or Bullet Heaven 2 instead of EBF5, please let me know in your comment.


Bunch of Browser Games

Hey guys, in case you didn’t notice yet, I’m gradually adding more and more Flash games to the browser games section of this website.

I’m collecting classic Flash games by various developers that were somewhat influential either to me or in general. Currently only ActionScript 2 games work in browsers through Ruffle, but gradually more and more games will be compatible and I will be able to host more of my favourites.

I strongly recommend playing Drop Cannon – as that’s a brand new Flash game created in 2021, which shows off what Ruffle can do.

Browser Games and Ruffle

Hey guys, I’ve installed Ruffle on this website, and I’m going to start rebuilding the Web Games section with Flash games that run in Ruffle. Currently Ruffle only supports old ActionScript 2.0 games, but in the future it should be able to run most Flash games. It even works on mobile, though it might be laggy, so it’s best to play on a PC.

Anyway, I’m gonna feature games by other developers too, not just my own games.