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Fanart: Annabelle

Hi Folks!

The beautiful heatwave of Easter weekend has left us, and we’ve come back to work after a big crunch on the garden and lots of relaxing in the sunshine. We’re on the homestretch and it looks like we’ll finish all the garden work we wanted to in good time for summer. Hope you’ve all had a relaxing (and long) weekend as well!

Here’s some more fanart from Lynore, this time featuring Annabelle.


EBF5: Foe Competition Runner-Ups

Hey guys, here’s 4 foes that I strongly considered using in EBF5.
They don’t win anything, but I’d like to share them with ya’ll, since they’re pretty cool.

The main issue with these is that I just couldn’t imagine them being as interesting to fight as the other foes I picked. Some really unique attack sprites could have helped.

My main consideration when picking winners was “Do I really want to animate this?”, and usually that means the design has to feel really fresh, and be something that I wish I had thought of. I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for until I see it, I suppose.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lot of fun with their pixel art, and thanks for participating. I’ll probably keep playing around with the retro style in future.

Poss by Silkmoth:
1 (1)

Goblin by Alan900900900:
hroom by Ploomutoo.


Frog by Matvey: