EBF5: Foe Competition Runner-Ups

Hey guys, here’s 4 foes that I strongly considered using in EBF5.
They don’t win anything, but I’d like to share them with ya’ll, since they’re pretty cool.

The main issue with these is that I just couldn’t imagine them being as interesting to fight as the other foes I picked. Some really unique attack sprites could have helped.

My main consideration when picking winners was “Do I really want to animate this?”, and usually that means the design has to feel really fresh, and be something that I wish I had thought of. I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for until I see it, I suppose.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lot of fun with their pixel art, and thanks for participating. I’ll probably keep playing around with the retro style in future.

Poss by Silkmoth:
1 (1)

Goblin by Alan900900900:
hroom by Ploomutoo.


Frog by Matvey:


2 thoughts on “EBF5: Foe Competition Runner-Ups

  1. Cole Conrad Shrader

    Matt I just went back and played bullet heaven for old time sake and you straight up say that you hope weather will be in EBF5 and then talk about airstrikes being a weather condition and your characters saying that was unlikely. That was pretty funny and really cool to look back on. Just want to thank you for all the good vibes.


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