Fanart: Annabelle

Hi Folks!

The beautiful heatwave of Easter weekend has left us, and we’ve come back to work after a big crunch on the garden and lots of relaxing in the sunshine. We’re on the homestretch and it looks like we’ll finish all the garden work we wanted to in good time for summer. Hope you’ve all had a relaxing (and long) weekend as well!

Here’s some more fanart from Lynore, this time featuring Annabelle.


5 thoughts on “Fanart: Annabelle

  1. Crimmy

    Right, just an idea i wanna chuck out there. somewhere in this DLC / v2 / whatever, even if he’s, like, post-devourer, there should totally be some kind of re-match, with Zombie Goku; y’know, feel like it would fit the retro theme that seems to be happening a bit, yeah? idk, stupid idea that i felt like sharing. :skull:

      1. Crimmy

        my guy, there is no need to be rude. I literally stated myself that it was a stupid idea that i just wanted to throw out there. maybe chill a bit yea?

        1. alproy

          what’s I dream is, final boss rush from 1 to 5,
          dark player rush (in 5 or both 4 and 5 dark version of the players)
          the ultimate foe rush that include all foes from all games (1 to 5)
          the ultimate boss rush that include all bosses from all games (1 to 5)

          yah i can keep dream abute it but i hope someday it will be real :yay:


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