4 thoughts on “Fanart: Matt and Anna

  1. alproy

    hey Matt, remember in EBF4 how the speed-runners used a method with Matt only? well i took it and pretty much one-shot everything in battle mountain and got to wave 111 (could get farther)

    and NOW, i do the same, but with no-legs n Matt only to make the run itself more easy, but the problem is SOMEONE made the min lvls be x/x/14/19/20 and thus ruins the low
    average, and because SOMEONE did the lvl up scaling bad since you’ll level up fast till the mystic woods and then you’ll reach lvl 30 and slow drastically to lvl up. :wut:

    but this is fine! i will soon start run the dungeons on epic and hope for once more, reaching endless wave 111 (also can you make a leader-board on EBF4/5 what the highest runs achived in the endless?) :stars:

  2. Tyramaisu

    Yo, I’m doing a slightly slower and relaxed epic run for this game, and honestly, all I can say is that you’ve done just an amazing job with this. I’m at redpine town right now, and it really feels like I’m nearing the end…of something. My skills are almost all maxed, and it’s just been a hell of a ride. I’ve been playing your games since like 2013, when I was 9 and found this thing called Epic Battle Fantasy 3, and I immediately fell in love with the series. Props to you for all the work you’ve done, and huge props to phyrnna for the great OST


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