Monthly Archives: February 2020

Fanart: Godcat

Hi Folks,

Hope you’ve all had your fill of pancakes in honour of Pancake Day! We’ve had pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on this most delicious day of indulgences. What are your favourite pancake toppings? We’ve had them with jam and whipped cream, banana, Nutella, and Matt’s favourite: yogurt.

Here’s a lovely fanart of Godcat from Din511.

Minecraft Mods

I got bored of playing Tomb Raider and thought I’d see how Minecraft runs on my new PC. I installed the BSL shader and Biomes o’ Plenty mod. Here’s what it looks like…

I might use these screenshots as desktop wallpapers that change with the time of day!

Still not done with EBF5

Hey guys, as ya’ll should know, Epic Battle Fantasy 5 version 2 is finished and went live on Steam a few days ago, and the price of the game went up to $20. It seems stable, but there’s a few minor issues with the “Randomized Equips” mode that I’ll need to fix. So I guess you can expect a very small update sometime in the next week or two. Once that’s done I’ll quickly put EBF5 up for sale on, for anyone who doesn’t like using Steam.

And after that I’ll start working on the mobile version! I’m not promising anything, but it totally looks do-able.

I got my new PC btw. It’s not a *huge* improvement when it comes to my development tools, but it’s great for games, so I’m just playing the latest Tomb Raider for now. The Valve Index is out of stock apparently, so maybe I should try getting some more work done before I have a chance to purchase one.