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Hidden Cats and Dogs: Blood Filter

Hey guys, I’m quietly working on Hidden Cats and Dogs in the background. Gradually getting ready to have a small demo ready, but there’s still some vital features missing (like a victory screen!) Around 20 levels are finished, so there’s already a lot of content, even if it’s not fully polished yet.

Today I implemented the option to turn off blood and dark themes, so seeing dead cartoon animals is optional. (This also effects minor references to Satanism, suicide, drugs, etc.) So the game should be suitable for all ages, if you wish.

Hidden Cats: Kattu’s Great Pyramid

The Hidden Cats interface is mostly done, so here’s a preview of Kattu’s Great Pyramid. The hard mode secrets in this level gave Ronja a lot of trouble.

The harder the difficulty settings, the smaller the objects are, and the more of them are hidden behind interactive elements.

Hidden Cats: Easter Eggs

Hey guys, we’re still working hard on Hidden Cats. We’ve got 5 fully playable levels done, and a lot more in progress.

Even though it’s mostly a suitable-for-everyone game, there will be a lot of dark Easter Eggs to find – but these can be turned off in the options if they are not to your taste.

Hidden Cats: Ronja Joins the Team

Hey guys, Ronja is training to be a level designer for Hidden Cats. Here’s her first attempt at a level. It’ll be useful to have another level designer on board so my art assets can be used in ways I hadn’t thought of, and the game will also have more content in general. Still aiming for around 100 levels, but we’ll see how that goes, as we haven’t finished any real levels yet and many features are still being added.

In other news, Hidden Cats mostly works in Ruffle, a Flashplayer emulator, so I could be tempted to make some web-based demos in a couple of months. The performance is in many cases much better than Flashplayer, and is still being improved. The game even seems to run smoothly on my iPhone 11 already, so that’s a good sign.