Monthly Archives: May 2016

EBF5: Defenders

Here’s some new Defenders! They’re closely related to the Flybots I did earlier – and they’ll be extra dangerous when paired up with them.
The Flybots can use party buffs, and these guys will give “Target” status to Players, which causes all enemies to focus on them (another reason to swap them out!).

EBF5 Current Foe Count: 90

EBF5: Dolls

It’s time to announce the 3rd winner of the EBF5 Foe Competition:
It’s LucasTheFourth with his Voodoo Doll designs!


He was worried that he made them look too creepy. Well, I made them a LOT creepier.
They will basically use the players’ skills, and also damage the player when they are hit. So you might need to be careful when trying to finish them off.

The Foe Competition is still going, and I think I’ll be needing more plant, fish, and animal type enemies! So if you’re still interested in submitting something, that’s your best bet.

EBF5 Current Foe Count: 85


EBF5: Backup System

Hey guys. In Epic Battle Fantasy 4, tons of people mentioned that they didn’t use the backup system at all – they mostly played through the game with just 3 characters and ignored the last one. I’m gonna fix that in Epic Battle Fantasy 5, with some of the following changes:

  • You’ve got 5 characters now, so you’ll be missing out on a few useful skills if you don’t use them all occasionally.
  • Players will now revive and heal quite quickly in backup – so it’s free healing that doesn’t cost a turn.
  • Players that die will now lose their turn, even if they are revived. Dying will be a big deal now, because you essentially lose 2 player turns instead of just one.
  • Party buffs like Protect will affect players in backup too, so they will be ready to fight if swapped out later.
  • Some enemy attacks will damage backup players, so that’s a new threat to watch out for.
  • Permanent stat boosting items will be specific to each player, so you can’t neglect anyone.
  • I might remove the in-battle equipment changing option, because it was hard to use, most people didn’t use it, and you can just put alternative equips on your backup players.
  • The interface will also be adjusted a bit so it’s easier to see the status of your backup players.

So yeah, there’s some incentives to swap out your characters when you get into trouble. Easy and Normal mode players probably still won’t need to do it, so there’s not much change for them, but you’ll have to take advantage of it on Hard and Epic.

Also, I’m gonna add a super-easy difficulty mode, called “Practice”, where you can’t die. For them idle game players.