EBF5: Dolls

It’s time to announce the 3rd winner of the EBF5 Foe Competition:
It’sΒ LucasTheFourthΒ with his Voodoo Doll designs!


He was worried that he made them look too creepy. Well, I made them a LOT creepier.
They will basically use the players’ skills, and also damage the player when they are hit. So you might need to be careful when trying to finish them off.

The Foe Competition is still going, and I think I’ll be needing more plant, fish, and animal type enemies! So if you’re still interested in submitting something, that’s your best bet.

EBF5 Current Foe Count: 85


20 thoughts on “EBF5: Dolls

  1. Flashlight237

    What the heck? What happened to the Natalie doll? Did Lance, ahem, “do something” with it?

  2. Michael Verrette

    Would it be funny if Lance has a skill to summon either his fan girl or Dark Natalie at any time?

    1. Ariel Neidorf

      nah cuz my little 8 year old sister plays ebf 3&4, and although 90% of the references go over her head, she’d kinda figure it out :yay:

  3. 456link

    it’s a cool enemy idea, and I like most of the designs, but… I don’t like Natalie’s doll at all :sick: it’s really off-putting, and not in the right way…

  4. Kkots

    Would be a really cool concept if some foe attacks caused players to turn into these dolls, debilitating either their HP or combat efficiency, as it was happening with Slime morph-status. What if the same could be applied to undead player forms from EBF4, making them 100% more vulnerable to Holy and unable to use Holy attacks (kinda Curse status but more deep). Just changing the player skins due to some effects would already be AMAZINGLY EXCITING

  5. soulnic

    i really like the magic 3 for lance, please dont remove it πŸ™‚

    also will salt shakers be in the game?

  6. Kupofan

    When I saw them, I feared that the original team member might receive some damage when you attack them… Well, I guess this is your way to encourage us to use the backup (just don’t add these as minions of a boss please!)
    Oh, and by the way… NoLegs’ scream is just so cute :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

  7. Hanna-Diana-Magic

    I was thinking of making voodoo dolls too!!! :bleh:
    However, I would like to say that, maybe, Natalie should have more hair?
    Lance and Nolegs are perfect. :smirk:

    I am going to continue posting ideas for the competition, though there’s no way I am going to win. πŸ˜₯ 😐

  8. komodor

    that magic 3 on lance with his right hand looks like fasciast propaganda. just make a sound of someone saying Heail Hitler and it will be perfect πŸ˜€ :shades: but dolls are nice idea and I like their design. since there were dark players in EBF4, some clones of them should be added.


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