25 thoughts on “EBF5: Chibi Knight

  1. Jman37X

    They’re all so cute! I like the magic attack the golden one has that changes his weapon element, would that change stay for the rest of his attacks, or does it just change the element on the one attack? Either way, it’s awesome that you can get these cameos from other popular indies, keep it up! :yay:

  2. joshuas123

    it’s very metaknight-like speed.
    especially with the lil sword, and the armor.
    anyway, they look cool :3.

    and they come from a gamu ~~ :yay:

  3. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I’ll be blunt. Neat idea for a foe, but I hope we don’t see em too often. That talking could get really annoying.

  4. 456link

    I love it, though I feel like the voice clips will be out of place in the final game, considering the background music would probably not match up well with them, and it’s the only voice that would ever be heard in the game. besides that minor detail, the designs are great and it looks like it’ll be a fun boss!

  5. Alexandrite

    Loving these cameos, also makes me wonder if some of the guys from the first game could possibly show up again. Catastrophe, Lord Canti, etc.

  6. Eaten_Sandwich

    Might want to change the way the tri-magic ability works (if it’s supposed to be random). I got the lightning attack the first 7 times I clicked it. Not very random :/ Other than that great job!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      It doesn’t work correctly if you don’t let the animation finish. Otherwise it’s as random as can be.

  7. firekirby135

    DUDE! Chibi Knight really brings me back. Man, I miss those days, back when flash games were extremely interesting to play. Now the scene seems dominated by Tower Defenses, shoddy sequels, and shovelware, with a hidden gem here and there. Seriously, I wish I still had as much fun playing flash games as I did playing Bubble Tank, A Company of Myself, Time Fcuk, and of course, EBF and Chibi Knight. Ah well, guess I’ll just have to settle for following all those awesome developers moving into the indie scene. :tongue:

  8. Karyete

    Oh my god what? I loved Chibi Knight but I didn’t ever think it’d make an appearance, let alone as a mini-boss.

  9. Devin de Vries

    You made Chibi Knight Look pretty sick. Judging from the skillset, this will be a pretty interesting fight.

  10. slowdeath

    the easter egg are destroying the game if they are 2many 😥 so pls stop advertising games its prety amazing but its getting too far :bleh:

    1. Squideer

      I feel like they won’t impact the story/game too much, Rather than being directly link to the game I feel they’re more likely to pop up as a side-quest type reward.
      As it currently stands the only easter eggs (That I’m aware of) are Chibi Knight, and The Armour Games/Jmtb02 elephant. And sure there may be a few others in the game, But I don’t think it will do much to wreck the game. :smirk:

  11. pionoplayer

    All these cameos are cool! And this one in particular will be interesting, although I am wondering…
    There’s three of them, how does that translate to being one miniboss? Do you kill one and then the next runs up, or are they gonna be minibosses in different areas?

  12. Thrynity

    But where the **** is this now ^^
    Where would we encounter them ? in a castle ?! :wut:


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