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BH2: Difficulty Settings

Bullet Heaven 2 will have 3 difficulty settings!

The levels will be exactly the same, but the foes will have more intense bullet patterns on higher difficulties. You can’t see it in the picture, but on hard and hell, the foes also explode into bullets when killed, making rushing through stages very dangerous.
I’ll also stick in some custom difficulty settings, like the cheats in Bullet Heaven 1.
Some ideas include…

• Play with one life! (default will be 3)
• Speed up the game!
• Pacifist mode! (Can’t shoot.)

• Play with 5 lives!
• Slow down the game!
• Foes have less life!

Playing with any cheats will reduce your final score.
Handicaps will make higher scores possible (probably), for reasons I’ll explain when the scoring system is done.