BH2: Difficulty Settings

Bullet Heaven 2 will have 3 difficulty settings!

The levels will be exactly the same, but the foes will have more intense bullet patterns on higher difficulties. You can’t see it in the picture, but on hard and hell, the foes also explode into bullets when killed, making rushing through stages very dangerous.
I’ll also stick in some custom difficulty settings, like the cheats in Bullet Heaven 1.
Some ideas include…

• Play with one life! (default will be 3)
• Speed up the game!
• Pacifist mode! (Can’t shoot.)

• Play with 5 lives!
• Slow down the game!
• Foes have less life!

Playing with any cheats will reduce your final score.
Handicaps will make higher scores possible (probably), for reasons I’ll explain when the scoring system is done.

10 thoughts on “BH2: Difficulty Settings

  1. SouthernL

    What happens when you choose BOTH the 1-live handicap and 5-live cheat? Same goes with speed up and slow down the game. :wut:

  2. Kostyazz

    Wow, you/re making BH2?!
    I really enjoyed playing BH many times, getting S rank everywhere and all achievements =)
    But, actually, I was only playing by Matt and Lance (and Anna a bit), cuz others are much less efficient.
    While NoLegs’s and Natalie’s bullets spread out, others’ are straight, and Matt and Lance have much stronger special attack, and Matt even have an extra bomb!
    Make characters a bit more balanced in BH2, please, and try to create some levels easier to beat by one or two of them, so players will have to change them not only to get an achievement.

    Huge thanx for both BH and EBF series! Love them.

    Btw, I’m thinking about buying EBF4 on steam just to support you. Will you actually get enough percentage of it’s price?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Buy it from the Humble Widget (link on the right) if you want to give me a bigger share!

  3. sabrehawk90

    Erm, this is quite off topic and long unresolved since I haven’t been on my PC in a couple months, but the saves for EBF4 still aren’t converting. I’ve put all the necessary files in the game folder, but they’re just not showing up in the actual game, and the game is instead displaying the files I had before editing the game folder. I think it has to do with the game loading up steam cloud’s files instead of the game files I have on the actual computer. Anybody know how to solve this or upload new steam cloud files without going into all this techy stuff?

  4. RealShadowCaster

    I was expecting a “Foes do not shoot” cheat :hurray: . Not sure how you beat a boss and get highscore without shooting .
    Let’s brainstorm how our heroes might do :
    – boss runs out of bullets. (Miaw Nolegs)
    – friendly fire. (I didn’t fire, he did this to himself Nathalie)
    – you charm small wooden ennemies that become destroyable units fighting for you and turning around you. (it’s not my fault if I’m cute. I didn’t ask them to follow me and shoot. Anna)
    – You push furniture around on the boss walking pass. (I was just giving some fresh air to the nukes, he stepped on them. Lance).
    – You slash the boss in half with a giant blade. (What do you mean, this is not Pacifist mode, I didn’t shoot, did I ? Matt.)

    1. HighZealot

      I would assume pacifist works the same way as doing a pacifist run in Touhou which is dodging and timing out all the spells. I would assume each phase of a boss has a time limit and you would need to wait it out.

      Now the question is, will there be some phases they get extremely harder right before they reach the time limit like certain spellcards in Touhou?

      1. Matt Roszak Post author

        Probably not, seems like a lot of extra work for a feature very few people would notice. BH bosses are big, so it’s hard to time out on them.

  5. metallica_dillon

    Looking forward to the completion of this game. I’m gonna be playing Touhou to prepare myself. :stars:


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