EBF Valentine Fanart Contest Results

Here we go again Folks,

The EBF Valentine Fanart Contest results are here!! A massive thank you to everyone who submitted their art, you have once again outdone yourselves! Keeping with the theme of Valentine’s Day all entries have also been judged by a couple, Matt and Ronja.

Winners of the prize pool money will be announced on Sunday.

And now lets celebrate the amazing runners-up who made some lovely, cutesy, and very funny art!

All runners-up will receive two games of their choice (not including games/ports currently in developments) on the platform of their choosing. You’ll be contacted about your prizes once the winners have been announced.

You can view all the entries in the contest channel on the EBF Discord Server.

Dawn and Dusk by Ciao!
Matt likes to much swords… by Gamaje
Untitled by G格
Love and Adventure by HikariLux
lovely gift by Hrisart
we’re a team <3 by Jay
The gals. by Jovanovix
Epic Love Fantasy: Ice & Fire 4ever by Kaidart
Untitled by Luo
Jealousy of Neon Valkyrie by NaT
7.5th Heaven ??? by Vanna
And a special mention to axmuris and Listochik for launching the NoLegs Loves Cheese movement <3

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