EBF Valentine Fanart Contest Winners

Most Esteemed GentleFolks,

Winners of the EBF Valentine Fanart Contest are finally here! Huge thank you to everyone for submitting their incredible art and taking part in the contest, we received so much gorgeous artwork from all of you once again. Judging has been very difficult as the top entries have come so incredibly close to each other. Congratulations to all the winners!!

Winners will receive prize money from a pool of £500 to be split between the top 6 entries, as well as 2 games of their choice (not including games/ports in development) on the platform of their choosing.

You can click the images to view full sized versions, but they might take a while to load as some are quite big. You can view all entries in the ⁠⁠contest channel on the  EBF Discord Server.

Winners will be contacted about their prizes in the next few days.

1st place £130
You’re up next! by Sifserf

2nd place £110
Self-love on Galentine’s day and On their minds by SmokSzyvverStar

3rd place £90
Discord doesn’t like non-squarish PNG’s by ChirpyChip

4th place £70
Sweetest Date Ever by Arkyuzey_Arts

5th place £55
Partners Since The Start by Phillia Esaya

6th place £45
Be my valentine 💕by sohini

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