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Dog Recovery

Hi Folks!

Our wee dog Ethel recently got spayed, so there’s been less post activity while we keep an eye on her recovery from the surgery. She has absolutely hated wearing the infamous Cone of Shame, so we got her a far too cute recovery suit that’s essentially a onesie pyjama that she seems to love. Matt is getting lots of work done and Ethel is healing up great so far, so we should be back to more regular posting soon as she keeps getting better and better.

Here’s an entirely accurate depiction of the events that transpired at the vets – as told by Ethel, and visualised by Matt.

Mysterious NES Game

Hey guys, a few months ago I started messing around in NES Maker, which, as you may have guessed, is a game engine for making NES games. I didn’t get much done on the programming side, and mostly stuck to the platformer game template, but I’m pretty happy with the graphics I made. Here’s my very first NES tileset and level – this is a screenshot of the game running in an emulator.

I’m not actively working on this at the moment – but maybe I’ll get back to it someday.

EBF5 Mobile Pricing Info

Hey guys, people keep asking about how much EBF5 will cost on mobile, so I figure I’d let you know what the plan is at the moment. (although all of this may still change…)

It’s going to be a free app with in-app purchases for the DLC dungeons, Newgame+, Custom Games, and Cheats/Challenges.

The free mobile version is going to be very similar to the free web version, so it will include the full story content, but it will have the balancing of the latest Steam version, and the new Monster Cards will also be available. There’s gonna be ads after every battle or two – I hear the thing you gotta do nowadays is give the player some incentive to watch the ads, so I may need to tie some extra gold or something to that.

As for the in-app purchases, it’s probably going to be $15-$20 for the full package, with the option to buy the features separately, for example, $5.99 to remove ads, $5.99 for the DLC dungeons, $5.99 for Custom Game modes, etc. So it could potentially be cheaper if you’re not interested in everything.

Anyway, I’m working on the Android version first, with iOS coming a bit later. The game will work best on a large phone with a stylus, but I’m making the interface bigger to make it more user-friendly for smaller phones and fat fingers. There’s not that much work left to do, but I’ve also not been working much lately, so who knows how long it will take. I did say I would have a beta for Patreons soon, so I should at least try to get that done… but I shouldn’t make any promises. I’m sorry for the delays though.

Fanart: Day with Anna

Hiya Folks!

We’ve had some beautiful spring days recently, so we’ve been busy getting the garden ready for summer use. We’re in the process of pressure washing the slabs on the patio and driveway, tidying up all the plants that got killed in the winter frosts, getting new lights and other miscellaneous things, cleaning all the general grime off of things, planting some new things for this summer, and the bbq will need a good scrub and proper check through before we fire it up. Ethel is an extremely helpful gardening supervisor and work seems to get done much quicker with her chasing every bee, bird, or nosy neighbour away.

Here’s some lovely fanart of Anna from Audric the Skyknight.