EBF5 Mobile Pricing Info

Hey guys, people keep asking about how much EBF5 will cost on mobile, so I figure I’d let you know what the plan is at the moment. (although all of this may still change…)

It’s going to be a free app with in-app purchases for the DLC dungeons, Newgame+, Custom Games, and Cheats/Challenges.

The free mobile version is going to be very similar to the free web version, so it will include the full story content, but it will have the balancing of the latest Steam version, and the new Monster Cards will also be available. There’s gonna be ads after every battle or two – I hear the thing you gotta do nowadays is give the player some incentive to watch the ads, so I may need to tie some extra gold or something to that.

As for the in-app purchases, it’s probably going to be $15-$20 for the full package, with the option to buy the features separately, for example, $5.99 to remove ads, $5.99 for the DLC dungeons, $5.99 for Custom Game modes, etc. So it could potentially be cheaper if you’re not interested in everything.

Anyway, I’m working on the Android version first, with iOS coming a bit later. The game will work best on a large phone with a stylus, but I’m making the interface bigger to make it more user-friendly for smaller phones and fat fingers. There’s not that much work left to do, but I’ve also not been working much lately, so who knows how long it will take. I did say I would have a beta for Patreons soon, so I should at least try to get that done… but I shouldn’t make any promises. I’m sorry for the delays though.

21 thoughts on “EBF5 Mobile Pricing Info

  1. Inseri

    I’m not a fan at all for ads to every battle, for me it’s the worst “ambiance breaker”, specially on a RPG. I rather get a “Pay to Get” game (like on steam) than an ad fest with a game in it.

    Well, in this state, i’ll stay on PC version.

  2. Ultra

    So, Nice Idea, I’ve been playing your games since then, I just wanna say keep up the good work, take a break when needed alright?

  3. Anonymous

    how disable ads whitout paying?

    disable internet

    or you´re gonna say you need internet to play

    because if yes
    than that´s a very dick move

  4. Zerp

    Let me ask, if EBF5 comes out will the language of the game be as different as the languages ​​on the computer version, or are there only a few languages?

  5. YEET!

    Have you thought about making some chests that need an ad to open, as that would be a great incentive to watch ads. You could also add the thing most games have, where you can pay to remove ads.

  6. Loquen

    if you are going to put ads make them like you said, incentive and not just ads that show up on the entire screen, because it gets annoying, for example ads for giving you a second chance if you died (probably not a great idea for EBF5 but its an example) thats all i wanted to say

  7. Boi

    Not to be stingy or anything, but could it be possible to get the steam stuff free if you already got it on steam? I know its a dumb question, but I’m curious.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I don’t think there’s any way for me to tie the two platforms together automatically.
      I’m not sure if I would do it even if I could though!

      1. John

        Could make it free. Then $5 in game to remove ads and give one or two special items. And then $10 or $15 for the full version like what is on steam.

        1. John

          Just read the full post and saw that what I said is almost exactly what you said because I am an idiot who always jumps to conclusions

          1. John

            But either way I am buying the full package when it comes out because this is one of the best, if not the best, game I have ever played. I even rank it near the Final Fantasy 7 Remake which I know will piss some people off but I honestly love this game and will make sure this will never lose a spot in my heart.

  8. Rbstat

    As someone who is very stingy when it comes to… anything really, even for free to play games. I thought I’d give you the run down of some of the F2P models in some ios games I am willing to own:

    Stick with it: Buy all in-game skins for $1.30 dollars. Watch an ad to undo an in-game mistake.
    Pocket god: Buy individual skin packs for $1 each.
    Minesweeper: Watch an ad to undo a mistake.
    Cut the Rope: Ads that appear every two levels/tries. optional paid monthly membership to remove all ads and gain extra content.
    Battlecats: In-game currency: cat food. You can get it in three ways: one pay for it, obviously. Which is about $1.30 for 30 cat food. Watch an ad to get a SINGLE cat food. Or answer surveys to get varying amounts of cat food.
    Phantom Rose: Pay money for in-game cosmetic skins, all for either $7 or $14. You can also pay $3 for 3 inventory space, and $1.30 for an xp booster.
    Slime room: Watch an ad when you lose all your lives.
    Dungeon Maker: Pay for skins and unlocking in-game stuff faster. Very varying prices.
    2048: Watch an ad when you first start.
    Pocket frogs: Watch ads to gain various items. None of which are purely aesthetic.
    Arknights: In-game currency originium: costs $1 for one originium.
    (and finally) Civ 6: The game is technically free, but what you actually get is just a tutorial and you have to buy the entire game itself for about $32 in in-app purchases. You can also buy a bunch of DLC in-game.

    There are some games here that I didn’t include. Mostly digital card-games like Shadowverse because those are super obvious in how they work. I also didn’t include any games where you pay money to play the game, or are just free, no nonsense. Either way, hope this helps in your pricing endeavors. bye :3


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