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Bullet Heaven 2 demo – first 5 levels!

Here’s the first 5 levels of Bullet Heaven 2!

What’s not finished:
The displays at the sides, the scoring system, and dialogue boxes.
The backgrounds might also change, they seem to be quite graphic intensive. The last 3 waves in each level are supposed to be bonus rounds, but right now they act the same as the normal waves.

I’m interested to hear what framerates you guys get, how you find the gamepad controls, and how you find the difficulty levels.
The game doesn’t quite fit into this blog post, so you should play full screen.
Also the middle mouse button is currently used instead of double clicking, and that might scroll your browser if you’re not in full screen.

Edit: Oh, I just realized that keyboard controls don’t work in fullscreen in a browser. Whoops. Ignore those for now.

BH2: Controls & Multiplayer

Looks like the newer versions of Flashplayer have some features that I’ve wanted for a very long time!

First of all, I can finally use the right and middle mouse buttons! Hurray!
Although in practice, using the middle button isn’t a great idea, since the wheel will always scroll the web page, so that could get annoying. Google says there’s not much I can do about that. But having two mouse buttons should be enough for this game! 😀

Secondly, I can use gamepads now! The only problem is that it requires Flashplayer 11.8, and some people might not have that yet. But that’s not a huge issue – they’ll just have to use the mouse or keyboard instead. This guy’s code is very helpful for implementing gamepad controls, and got me playing BH2 with my Xbox 360 controller after about 10 minutes of coding.

So after a bit of experimentation, it looks like multiplayer support is very feasible! (It totally wasn’t when I made BH1) The plan is to add support for 4 players!

Super cool, huh?!