Monthly Archives: November 2016

EBF5:Hat Icons

Here’s all of the icons for the hats in EBF5.
Much more “HD” lookin’ than in the previous games. I put more effort into the bobble icons this time round so you can actually see what they are.

I think I understand now what people meant when they said that the male armor was more interesting in previous games. I wanted to make unisex hats a thing, but all the characters have very different hair so it would be tough to get them to fit everyone. Maybe in some future update.

hat icons

Site Updates and Armor

Hey ya’ll. I’ve updated the right side of the site a bit with a link to my Tumblr blog and also a progress bar for Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

On Tumblr I pretty much post the same things as I do here, but if you would prefer to follow me on there instead, you can. Or if you have any friends on Tumblr, you can let them know about it too.

The EBF5 progress bar is just what it sounds like. It shows you roughly how complete EBF5 is. So you can keep an eye on that instead of asking me endlessly. Well, unless you’re on mobile, then you might not be able to see it cause the site layout is different…

Also, I think I really nailed the equipment design in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

Steam Autumn Sale!

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and Bullet Heaven 2 are 67% off for the duration of the autumn sale!
From their store pages you can nominate them for awards! It would be cool if you nominated EBF4 for the “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” Award.

Anyway, this is more or less the steepest discount I’m going to do for these games for a long time. The discount will be the same during the Steam Winter Sale later.
steam-sale copy