Site Updates and Armor

Hey ya’ll. I’ve updated the right side of the site a bit with a link to my Tumblr blog and also a progress bar for Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

On Tumblr I pretty much post the same things as I do here, but if you would prefer to follow me on there instead, you can. Or if you have any friends on Tumblr, you can let them know about it too.

The EBF5 progress bar is just what it sounds like. It shows you roughly how complete EBF5 is. So you can keep an eye on that instead of asking me endlessly. Well, unless you’re on mobile, then you might not be able to see it cause the site layout is different…

Also, I think I really nailed the equipment design in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

24 thoughts on “Site Updates and Armor

  1. Nikola Jaric

    I have to tell ya, this looks EPIC!!! And the progress bar on mobile is on the bottom of the page. I’m on mobile!

    1. thatguyperson

      I can’t wate to BATTLE in this new FANTACY game :smirk: at least 5 hours for the first day its releaced

  2. Haseo

    The armor designs always looks so cool. though that got me thinking, you post 3 sets of armor with 2 color pallets (mostly). my thinking is have you thought about making it so people can change the color of the armor to the other pallet, well for the full version. For example; have a button that changes the knight armor from blue, black and yellow to dark grey, light grey and white? i think it would make most people happy. whats your opinion?

  3. RSC

    Matt Roszak : At last less stupid spam about when the game is ready.
    192 New messages
    preloader stuck at 35% FIX THIS
    URGENT how to get past 35% on EBF5 ?
    my internet connection in New Zealand is too slow to load the game, 35% after 18 hours, fix it.
    Where are clickable monsters in preloader ?
    So glad the game is finished, but when will you fix the game loader and make it pretty and 3D ? tomorrow OK ? I have time to play. Will re-ask after lunch break. How do I get to the rectangle where you type the email on my computer ? I will try the send button

    Matt : NOOOOOOOO !

    1. Voidsword

      I lol’d :yay:

      It’s true though. The design choice to make it look like a windows loading bar might be misleading for the slower-thinking majority of the population.

  4. Sticks

    I love the Wizard armor, I love the progress bar, I love everything. (Also I really hope its possible to use the same outfit on multiple people.)

  5. SomaSam

    Oh most definitely, those armor designs are amazing. Both you and Ronja did a great job.

    While the gladiator/roman armor and the wizard armor are great, I’d have to say my favorite is the new knight armor. Really like the helmet, pauldrons, and green flair.

    Surprised the gladiator armor has no baggy clothing around the leg joints. You’re character anatomy is improving! Or is this just an old picture, and you’ve added more cloth to cover the knees when animations starting breaking?

  6. Jacksmack

    matt with a armor and a blade, matt with a Magician like armor and a love like blade, and matt looking like a rockstar. AWESOME!! :love2: :stars: :love2:


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