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Lego: Tech CEO

It’s been a while since I’ve made any original creations in Lego, and I’ve forgotten how long it takes.
I made this character out of some leftover parts, and wanted to make a vehicle for him. It ended up taking up half my day!

When I was a kid, it was fun making Lego characters and assigning stories and power levels to them.
So I thought of this guy as the CEO of a large company. Even though he’s a killer robot, I added some vanity features a real CEO might have – such as the sparkly throne, and private jet engine. If I had the parts, maybe the vehicle would have been made of gold too.

Lego: Big Chunky Pikachu

Hey guys, I made a chunky Pikachu, based on one of the game sprites, but with some more colors.
Sorry I don’t have anything more exciting to share. The weather’s been nice, so I’ve not been working lately.

Dog Recovery

Hi Folks!

Our wee dog Ethel recently got spayed, so there’s been less post activity while we keep an eye on her recovery from the surgery. She has absolutely hated wearing the infamous Cone of Shame, so we got her a far too cute recovery suit that’s essentially a onesie pyjama that she seems to love. Matt is getting lots of work done and Ethel is healing up great so far, so we should be back to more regular posting soon as she keeps getting better and better.

Here’s an entirely accurate depiction of the events that transpired at the vets – as told by Ethel, and visualised by Matt.


In more birthday related news, I turned my brother’s dog into Lego. (Amiibos for scale)

It actually turned out pretty accurate to the real thing, and you can probably guess what breed it is.

I should start going out of my way to hunt down more of those rare Lego colors for these mosaics…

Lego: Kirbys

I added a UFO Kirby to the family.
I’m very happy with the supports – you can barely see them!

I’ll probably update the EBF5 beta on wednesday. Don’t expect much though, it’s mostly just updates to the Steam store page, translation fixes, and other minor changes. I’m still not sure when V2 will be 100% finished, but it’s getting close.