Monthly Archives: March 2022

Fanart: EBF4 Finale Chapter 3

Hi Folks!

Taking it easy and resting a lot over the past weeks seems to have paid off and we’ve both recovered from covid hopefully without any further problems. While we wait for the warm spring days to come back we’ll be diving into all the comments and reviews left for EBF5 on the Play Store. Apparently a lot of people are downloading the game and excited to be playing which is amazing and incredibly rewarding – thanks everyone for enjoying EBF5 mobile so far!

In other news the very intense third chapter of Epic Battle Fantasy 4: Finale by Nok555 is now out, and you should check it out here!

Steam JRPG Sale

Hi Folks!

You can currently grab EBF5 for 35% off and EBF4 for 50% off in the Steam JRPG Sale until March 21 10AM Pacific.

In other news we’ve both been ill this week with covid, and are hopefully starting to get better soon. The weather is giving its best this weekend so we’re very happy to have the garden to spend some time outside as well and not just be locked up in the house. We’re keeping our fingers crossed we both make a full recovery, and are thankful for modern medicine and vaccines for keeping us from being at high risk. Stay safe out there!

Here’s some lovely fanart of the EBF5 gang from Mythia.

EBF5: Mobile “Screenshots”

Hey guys, since the Android version of EBF5 is getting more and more promotion on the Google Play Store, I figured it was time to make some catchier “screenshots”. So here they are.

The Android version of the game still crashes a lot, but other than that it’s basically finished, so go check it out. It’s currently getting 2,000 downloads a day (not from my followers, that’s mostly from the Play Store), and if that continues, it’ll do very well!

EBF Collection: Adventure Story

Hey guys, I’m currently working on more updates for Adventure Story.

Controller support is almost finished – you can even change the mapping of the buttons if you wish. Every spell is mapped to a different button, and you don’t need to use the spell hotkey system any more.

A “Zero” difficulty option has been added, which is much easier than Easy. I’ve been testing the “Extreme” difficulty option, and most levels are beatable, but the boss rush levels are probably impossible except for the most hardcore gamers.

And finally, I’m still adding some special abilities to equips, to make them more interesting and strategic. Obviously the Katana can now deflect bullets, and the Claymore can deflects rocks, etc.

That’s the fun stuff done. The boring stuff will include fixing some old bugs, such as the collision detection not working correctly if the game window is scaled. Not looking forward to that.

I’ve collected 139/150 Steam achievements for the EBF Collection – so that means the achievement system is working well, and the Steam overlay seems to be working correctly too (you can take screenshots and whatever else).