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Fanart: Cutie Bois

Hi Folks!

The big Europe heatwave has hit us up here in Scotland too, so we’ve been taking it easy and enjoying the garden. The closer we get to laying the final touches for this year, the more ideas and plans seem to come up, whoops. (Is a garden ever really finished?)

Here’s an extra cute fanart of Matt and NoLegs from HRICA.



Steam Summer Sale!

Hey guys, the Steam Summer sale has started, and Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is 20% off.
EBF4 and BH2 are also 75% off, but I’m sure all of you already own those by now.

Since all 3 games are bundled together, you get another 20% off if you complete the collection.

I know some people are still waiting for the free version of EBF5 to be released on other platforms, and while I agree that I’m being quite slow with that, you can still play it on this website, and easily transfer your save file later. There’s no need to wait.
ebf bundle