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BH2 Difficulty Levels Explained

Hay guys, this post is just a little reminder of how difficulty levels will work in Bull Heaven 2.

All the screenshots I’ve been posting so far are on the hardest difficulty, because they look the most impressive. Obviously most people won’t be skilled enough to play at that difficulty.

The difficulty levels are:
• Casual: ~25% bullets
• Hard: ~50% bullets
• Heavenly: 100% bullets

You’ll be able to switch difficulty at any time, much like in EBF4, but scores and ranks will be counted separately for each difficulty.

On top of that, there will be cheats (basically difficulty modifiers), much like in the previous game, but now they can also be used to make the game harder. These will include stuff like:
• Less or more lives.
• Less or more enemy HP.
• Slower or faster game speed.
• More items drops.
• Less or more bombs.
• Longer or shorter death-bomb time.

These usually won’t invalidate scores, ranks or achievements, but they will effect the numbers to balance things. For example, reducing the game speed by 10% will also reduce your score by 10%.

There will be no permanent upgrades this time. But the cheats and other extras will be unlocked gradually (maybe even with the coins you collect), so they’ll function quite similarly.

Sound reasonable?

Big Steam Update!

Hey guys, for those of you who use Steam, you’ll have noticed that they rolled out a lot of updates recently, and some of them are pretty cool!

The new music player let’s you listen to game soundtracks for whichever games include those. EBF4 includes the soundtrack, for anyone who hasn’t noticed yet. 😛
The Steam store has also been changed a lot, and uses different methods for showcasing games now. User review scores are now featured more, which is great for me, because EBF4’s reviews are 98% positive! (almost 99% actually, but they’re rounded down. 😛 )

Developers have new stats pages, so we can track where store-page traffic is coming from. Pretty cool, and Valve even say that they’re okay with sharing these stats publicly. Here’s my stats for the first 3 days after the update, for any developers who may be interested in comparing:
tarffic statsThe update’s resulted in a little boost in sales so far, so hopefully that keeps up.

Oh yeah, one more thing. A lot of people still have EBF4 on their wishlists, and I’d like to do a discount soon-ish. What sort of discount are you guys waiting for?

How to Win Friends and Influence People

I recently read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, and I totally recommend it to anyone who has to deal with people for a living. (so just about everyone)

The short version of the book is: Be polite and empathetic towards everyone you meet, and show a genuine interest in them. Avoid arguments and be very sensitive and understanding when trying to change someone’s mind. Admit it when you’re wrong. Remember that people are emotional creatures, and that they’re motivated by their own pride and desires more than anything else. Make people feel appreciated and important.

Although the book is mainly set in the context of business transactions, I think it’s quite useful in just about any type of relationship, and I’ve been figuring out a lot of the lessons on my own over the years while dealing with people online.

Here’s some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Remember that the people you are talking to are a hundred times more interested in their wants and problems than they are in yours.”

“Don’t criticize people; for they are just what you would be under similar circumstances.”

“Remember that we are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion, bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride.”

“Be hearty in your appreciation and lavish in your praise, and people will cherish your words even long after you have forgotten them.”

“Nobody needs a smile so much as those who have none left to give.”

“Abilities wither under criticism; they blossom under encouragement.”

“It takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving. A great man shows his greatness by how he treats little men.”