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Happy Ronja Day

Here’s something I made a few months ago for Ronja, for her birthday.
We’re both 30 now, and it’s all downhill from here. The gradual decay of our bodies and minds begins.

You youngsters better enjoy it while it lasts.

…can you tell that I don’t like celebrating birthdays?

More 7th Heaven Wallpapers

Hey guys, a few weeks ago I made a widescreen wallpaper pack including every 7th Heaven outfit, for my Patreon. It turned out to be quite popular, and many people requested a vertical version, so here’s every 7th Heaven outfit in 1440×2560 resolution. Like most of my Patreon perks, it’s only $1 – but I hope that you’ll keep supporting me every month, so that I can keep making silly bonus content like this. Oh, and I should remind everyone that the 7th Heaven art is by Ronja, I’m just arranging it.

I’ve made two versions of each image – with and without a background – so if you want something specific, you can just make your own wallpapers out of them. Here’s a Christmas freebie:

Fanart: Natalie Plush

Hi Folks!

I’m currently in Finland on a quick trip to take care of some paperwork and attend a close friend’s bachelorette party. Turns out timing could not have been more perfect when yesterday at the finale Finland beat Canada 3-1 and won the Ice Hockey World Championship tournament. This is the third time it’s ever happened, and the first I’ve been able to join in on the celebrations in Helsinki. Everyone gathers into the Market Square in the city center to celebrate together, and the atmosphere is incredible. I’m very lucky I happened to be here for this, since no one in Scotland really cares for ice hockey and I usually watch it alone.

Here’s a Natalie plush someone on the EBF Discord commissioned from an Etsy seller.