Happy Ronja Day

Here’s something I made a few months ago for Ronja, for her birthday.
We’re both 30 now, and it’s all downhill from here. The gradual decay of our bodies and minds begins.

You youngsters better enjoy it while it lasts.

…can you tell that I don’t like celebrating birthdays?

2 thoughts on “Happy Ronja Day

  1. Jpx0999

    you cleary don´t like birthdays……..

    anyway… what are your plans when you complete the remake of the old games…. it will be
    A) EBF¨6(but we will need wait 12 years for it)
    B)NEW SPIN OFFs OR SEQUELS OF SPIN OFFs(like a adventure story 2 or a bullet heaven 3)(or maybe the ideia of a guy in reddit,the ANNA´S ADVENTURE hahahahahahhaha)

    C)JUST REST AND ENJOY the fact you did a everyone happy whit your games… and PROBABILY don´t will made more


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