Epic Battle Fantasy 4 live on Google Play

Hey guys, Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is live on Google Play!
It’s in Early Access, but it’s 99.9% done, I don’t anticipate any major changes.

The performance and Google services (ads, purchases, achievements, cloud saving, etc) should all be very similar to EBF5. It’s running on a newer engine so should be more compatible with Android 13 devices. iOS version coming a bit later.

If you haven’t played the latest versions of EBF4 on Steam, well, it’s got widescreen support, new weapons, skills and summons, cheats and challenges, and a lot of other new content. All of that stuff is in the mobile version, though some of it is paywalled. The entire story is free, but you can pay to disable ads and get the Battle Mountain area and other extras.

Please chat about it on Discord in the ⁠#ebf4 channel, and report any issues in the ⁠#ebf4_mobile_testing channel.

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