Fanart: Jellies

Hi Folks,

Hope you’re all having a wonderful time with EBF4 on Android! We’ve identified a good number of issues with your help, and are working on getting an update out soon. We love seeing most of you having a great time with it, and we really appreciate everyone taking the time to help us test and report issues with the game!

In case you missed the news EBF4 is now in Early Access on Android! The performance and Google services (ads, purchases, achievements, cloud saving, etc) should all be very similar to EBF5. It’s running on a newer engine so should be more compatible with Android 13 devices. iOS version coming a bit later.

Here’s some wonderful fanart of the EBF4 Jellies from Sifserf.

2 thoughts on “Fanart: Jellies

  1. guest_31388

    unfortunately, i have an apple device 🙁
    im getting a new phone in like 20 days though!! so ill be sure to try it out when I can!

    Humanoid Jellyfish 🤩😁😁😁🤔🤔🙃


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