Monthly Archives: October 2016

EBF5: Ultra Cat

In EBF4 the dark players were all of similar strength, but in EBF5 I think they’ll be fought in order starting with player 1, with each one getting stronger. Maybe. Either way, NoLegs will be the strongest of the bunch, for obvious reasons.

I’m gonna have to think hard to come up with interesting gimmicks for each fight – by the time you get to these guys you’ll have pretty much mastered the game, and normal boss tricks won’t be very interesting.

I was thinking of something like unique permanent status effects for each fight. For example – Demon Anna could curse everyone so their buffs and equipment give the opposite stats for the whole battle. Against Natalie the party has Undead status so they take damage from healing spells, and are extra weak against fire and holy!

Well anyway, I’ve finished all of the animations for the dark players. Just gotta do the male armor and hundreds of icons, and then I can start programming the battle system!