EBF5: Evil Players

Here’s a new set of evil players for EBF5. There’s more variety this time!
Their equips aren’t quite final in this picture – I think many of them will be able to change weapons in battle too.

Once again they’ll be super hard bosses in the full version.
dark player

39 thoughts on “EBF5: Evil Players

  1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    The only deviation I would like to the norm is that, unlike in EBF4, it is a drag-knuckle 5v5 fight, as if the players were fighting “the players” again. They swap out, use items, change equipment, use summons, heal each other. Maybe give them a limited supply of healing items (like they have a stock of 15 coffees, 20 garlics, etc.., and the same could apply to summons and SP) so they can eventually run out. I don’t expect A.I. or anything, but I genuinely felt a little bummed out that the Dark Heroes of EBF4 were separated and had minions and stuff. I would have loved to have seen them fight as a group, the way we do.

    I also sorta think it’d be fun if the heroes and anti-heroes could have some witty banter between each other. Natz and Dark Natz bickering at each other, trying to get each other to flub up by spilling secrets or insulting each other. Anna and Dark Anna at opposing sides of the Nature/Industry argument. Lance and Dark Lance trying to impress their female members by getting into a “My dick is bigger” contest with each other. And Matt and Dark Matt simply complimenting each others weapon selections (and secretly coveting each others’ gear).

    Just spewing wishes and wants. :shades: I don’t expect any of this to be implemented, but I’d love it.

  2. Phil

    OK, so back in EBF4, Dark Anna was the only one who didn’t have dark hair… and now she’s not only the only one whose hair was recolored (even Dark Lance, who’s a robot for crying out loud, has the same hair as the original) but also, it’s black.

    I have no Idea where I was going with that. 😐

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Well they’re gonna be flipped, so they’re actually right handed, while the normal players are left handed.

  3. Drake

    Just some thoughts about the outfits of those characters and maybe they look neat: :smirk:

    Matt: Genji Outfit, Cowboy Outfit, Karate Gi + Headband
    Lance: Casual Outfit (I mean a Robo in such a Outfit?)
    Natz: Ninja Dress + whatever hat might fit to it

    And if those aren’t appropiate enough, but given you another ideas which could make them look different then it is fine aswell :yay:

    And talking of Outfits, I rather prefer mixing two different items which support different elemental attributes. Total immunity to a single element might be nice sometimes, but it isn’t focused, at least for me. And here the idea. How about making outfits give a special when they get equipped both together? This might mean you got to wear both pieces to get a special which we couldn’t get when using just one of them. Bonuses could look like this:
    – element absorb (+100% resist, which would ofc result in lowering the single elements on that gear, making a 50% fire resist to a 50% fire absorb, so to say)
    – “Elemental”, special condition which makes yourself stronger in one element(like on the weapon), but more weak with the opposite element(i.e. +fire, -water) and this for both, offence and defence in both directions
    – attributes adjustments
    – immunities to status effects
    – usable skill in special skills list(ofc as long as this outfit stays equipped)

    Having flairs beeing a part piece of a outfit could be considerable aswell. But in those case they might be treated special so that they aren’t keyitem to complete this outfit and rather “the addition” for this outfit. In this case the flair properties might be stronger in example.

  4. Spirare

    Different colors now? Nice.

    I wonder how the characters will react on realizing there are even more evil versions of them after having already struck down the EBF4 ones.


    The other NoLegs still looks too cute to be evil.
    Maybe he’s just a normal cat that decided to follow them along for lack of a better master available.

  5. darki

    I really like the variations on the evil players now, like Lance being a robot and Matt a golem(?). The only nitpick is that Anna looks a bit too happy for a evil demon.

    1. Althaer

      I agree, Anna & Lance don’t look so threatening, and I think it’s because of the eyes
      (sorry if my english is bad)

      1. Phil

        Why is it that the only people who apologize for their english are people who aren’t actually bad with their english?

  6. Xinrick

    So let’s see now, we have a robotic Lance, a demon Anna, not entirely sure what Natz is, a golem Matt, and a super sayin No Legs…well just by looks I can already tell this boss fight is gonna be a giant pain in the ass. Great Job :yay:

  7. Jeffrey Webb

    Is Anti-nolegs supposed to be a nod to you putting goku in early projects with the discretion of a flaming monster truck, or the meme about cats being evil so an anti-cat would be holy, or both ❓

  8. Nikola Jarić

    I can’t wait to beat SSJ NoLegs’ butt with Matt, Natz and the cutest thing on internet (NoLegs)!!!! :yay:

  9. Devin de Vries

    It’s not that I don’t like evil Natz having a holy outfit, I just think the color contrast between her and the outfit is just a bit disorienting. Besides that is looks awesome. :stars:

  10. Nevermore

    Why is Nolegs a Super Sayian? He looks more like a heroic version than an evil one.
    Also, why is Evil Natile wearing holy armor? That’s definitely a good guy thing. Then again, the good guys can wear dark armor, so screw it.

  11. MattBelmont

    Oh, these are really neat. I like ’em already.
    Matt looks like a golem, so he’ll probably use earth element-type skills.
    Judging by the looks of Naz, she seems to be able to hit very had with some fire element-type magic.
    Anna is obviously a demon, so I’d expect Dark element-type attacks from her.
    Lancebot speaks for itself. Beep-boop. Bomb element.
    And NoLegs’ counterpart is a Super Saiyan. Watch out for the “scream AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA for 20 episodes” element-type attacks!

  12. Karyete

    That sword that Matt’s holding…isn’t that the Stone Edge?

    By the way these are much better than the original Dark characters. Will they remain silent like in EBF4?

      1. Kupofan

        YES!! :love: :love: :love:
        Maybe EBF5’s story will feature a badass (human) villain who’ll become the final boss? That would be awesome :stars:

  13. Soulslicer

    So evil Lance is a robot, evil Anna is a demon, Evil Naz looks like a golem, and evil Matt might be a zombie. No idea what evil Nolegs is besides a cat.

    1. Multyplayer player

      Evil Nolegs is either a pikachu in disguise, or a mokego wielding lightning powers :ooo: :ooo: :ooo: :ooo: :scared: :sick: :scared: :sick:

    2. Drake

      Some kind of divine Divinity which thinks he can rule the world, is a real awesomeness and acts like a god (just like Godcat did?), maybe? :hurray:

    3. Phil

      How long have you been on the internet, my friend?

      I in’t gonna give it away, but his power is at LEAST 9001…



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