EBF5: Ultra Cat

In EBF4 the dark players were all of similar strength, but in EBF5 I think they’ll be fought in order starting with player 1, with each one getting stronger. Maybe. Either way, NoLegs will be the strongest of the bunch, for obvious reasons.

I’m gonna have to think hard to come up with interesting gimmicks for each fight – by the time you get to these guys you’ll have pretty much mastered the game, and normal boss tricks won’t be very interesting.

I was thinking of something like unique permanent status effects for each fight. For example – Demon Anna could curse everyone so their buffs and equipment give the opposite stats for the whole battle. Against Natalie the party has Undead status so they take damage from healing spells, and are extra weak against fire and holy!

Well anyway, I’ve finished all of the animations for the dark players. Just gotta do the male armor and hundreds of icons, and then I can start programming the battle system!

52 thoughts on “EBF5: Ultra Cat

  1. Givelovetoseven

    Wud if nolegs has higher evade than a cosmic monolith? Having that would bring more light to the barely used lock-on skill…also, nolegs should have permanent regeneration buffs in harder difficulties would be a challenge actually worthy to be epic! Having dispel resistance should be deserving for all modes of difficulty so cheesing the boss fight by dispelling buffs would not be there as I imagine this fight would be a force to be reckoned with. 👿

  2. michael

    wait? so all the dark players are evil is nolegs like good als i have some status you may like mayby matt could do an attack where he syphons you except you can only do physical and it can’t be cured for 3 turns and lance can do an attack with scanbot that will make you unable to see enemy weaknesses and change them around too also i like how lance is a robot and for natz do undead and for anna do a poison sort of attack for 3 turns and you cant cure it and increase all foes defence and for nolegs do aura power: he can charge for one turn and it will be like a shield for 3 turns weakening and then disappearing entirely do you like :wut: :wut: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: PLS LIKE!!!

  3. Sir Vouchfarce

    Wait, so could certain enemies have this ‘undead’ status? Like, really powerful ones, in order to warrant the bonus damage and healing spell damage (!!!), but could it happen?

  4. Shraderc.inc


    ok so finding and farming mobs was a pain
    if you could have a late game lab where you could fight enemies that you have already scanned for money that would be AWSOME
    the money would be bigger if it was something like a boss or a miniboss k?
    this way you could try to prefect you strategies while you wouldn’t level up because farming bosses for levels would be broken 😐

    although this would previde incentive for scanning more enemies it would also have to be a VERY late game option

    please consider

    a huge fan

      1. Shraderc.inc

        You have to spend money because other wise you would be able to farm BOSSES wich would be OP so this prevents the crazy implications of boss farming

  5. Neosuduno

    The debuff idea is not too bad, but what you propose sounds just unfair. This isn’t Dark Souls, it should be at least possible to win.

  6. Stefan Kriechmus

    How about a debuff for the fight against Matt where everyone in the party falls in Rage (so that you can have that your party battles three turn or so on their own)?

    And about the battle system. Is it still decided that there’s going to be no MP / Mana?

  7. thatguyperson

    unrelated note….. maybe …possibly…. will there be voiced cut-scenes :wut: if so….does you need wacky zappy voice plays? i can do things, sort of…. i mimic voices- notice me Senpai- i’m whoring out my voice here- i don’t even want to be paid i just wanna help my favorite fan game series- ….i think i drank too much coffee this morning…. 3 cups isn’t healthy, i don’t think… but voices would be cool for the game :stars:

  8. thatguyperson

    i almost feel bad for the little volcano slime… taking all the abuse from everyone and everything up to this point so far :skull:
    :scared: hope he has good health insureance

  9. Endgame

    From the looks of it, it has Legend & Hyper Beam. So it probably also has Judgement & Soul Arrow- JESUS IF SO THAT’S TERRIFYING.

  10. Endgame

    Now if Undead status makes you take damage from healing spells
    Would Kamikaze/Black Hole cast Auto-Revive/Fully heal you?
    😐 oh how i wish i had the specs for EBF5

  11. Gameser

    Undead status? Naw, I always use food. Only used healing spells in major situations (AKA under 50% HP).

  12. Toxella

    Could there ever be like, an “Arena” area or mode like in FF7 where you choose one character and they get to go through fights by themselves? I think this would be pretty useful for leveling up certain characters, like when you beat some battles or a boss with a character dead and they get 0 experience. They could also get a certain weapon or piece of equipment pertaining to just them, or maybe even a skill/limit break! Just a thought, always loved those kinds of things. :yay: :tongue:

  13. Lolqwert

    Ultra Cat is most likely some cat who was posessed by G*ku’s spirit to try and get revenge on the ones who slain him. :^)

  14. DrAwesome

    also and idea about the gunblade you can make the gunblade a premium weapon for lance if the big gun and small gun are seperate equips and give lance a new attacking animation maybe ❓ i really like the gunblade 😐

  15. RSC

    For the nolegs battle, the permanent effect could be “saien’s strengh” : getting below 10% HP and back to 100% without dying in the mean time would increase your saien counter stat (call in near death experience or something for copyright’s sake). Each counter would give 100% extra direct damage output to the player and a 10% Max HP.
    The cat could also have a kind of “shield” resistence : any attack dealing less than the shield value would have no effect, forcing players to use the special stat.

  16. DrAwesome

    one thing i didnt like about ebf4 is that u get your characters at different times meaning their levels are different and im ocd about that 😥

  17. Squideer

    A free status suggestion, Have an effect which lowers your ally’s resistance to a particular element. The status would lower an ally’s resistance to a status effect/element in increments of 10%. (Capping off at a -50% status/element resistance).

    The reason why I’m suggesting this is because in both EBF3 & EBF4, While there was some benefit to capping past 100% for element damage, There was no real reason to exceed this with status effects. It would require more planning from the player as to who wields what in the fight, And give some reasoning as a 110% stun resistance.

  18. gimmethegepgun

    So would Undead’s healing reversal just affect abilities that ALWAYS heal, but you’d still absorb elements for healing?

  19. Phil

    If you take damage from healing spells, then…
    How do you survive?
    …wait a minute…
    undead… absorbs dark… (usually)… and maybe poison too… :ooo:

  20. 1Laika

    And I thought Meow Meow would be my favourite character in the series.
    ULTRA CAT OP :love: :love2: :stars: :love: :love2: :stars:

    1. Phil

      Giant lazers, check
      cool multi-strike attack, double check
      overpowered-as-hell charged attack, probably
      super sayan, hella check

  21. Spirare

    Noice. Still too cute to be evil though.

    In the first attack, the spiky glow moves from the cat to the weapon temporarily. Intentional or no?

  22. Nattorpedia

    Wow, ultracat looks epic. I bet he does a ton of damage. That multistrike attack looks like a one hit kill. But how will I fight a thing that cute? :stars:

  23. Nikola Jaric

    Kupo, you could do the same thing to Evil Players’ weapons you did with the Death Scythe in EBF4! (Hide the weapons behind the Dark Players !!!!!) :stars: :yay:

  24. Nikola Jaric

    I think “Medipack” will hurt them and then remove the status, because it heals and removes bad status effects. :skull: 👿


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