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Hey guys, it’s time to get the Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Foe Competition started!

When developing the previous two games, I asked fans to design enemies that they wanted to see in the game, and I’ll be doing the same thing again. Here’s an example of a winner from last time:
The EBF4 Foe Competition got hundreds of submissions, and I think there was about 8 or so winners in total. They got their foes into the game, and also got their original drawings featured in the game’s gallery section!


• Drawings must be your own work, and original. No recolored Sonics!

• Drawings should be in a similar style to the EBF games’ battle format. The foes should have a similar level of detail and be facing to the side.

• The foes should be reasonably easy to animate by motion tweening, meaning they shouldn’t have too many different movable parts. I think Pokemon designs are a good example of the amount of complexity I’d like.

• I want creatures, not humans. Human-like creatures are okay if they’re not too complicated.

• Extra drawings of the foes’ attacks are not necessary, but can be very helpful. You could also just give some more details in your image description. I already have a lot of breath and claw attacks, so if your foe can do something more interesting that would be great.

• Extra skins/variations of the foes are also appreciated but not necessary. For example, ice and fire varieties.

• They should be different from foes that already exist in EBF. Go for creature types that haven’t showed up in EBF, unless…

• You can also draw new variations of the existing foes. Some foes that I would like to expand are: Idols, Monoliths, Golems, Dogs, Sprites, Wraiths, and Dragons. Older foes from EBF3 are more likely not to be reused, like Turtles, Crabs, Wasps and Clays.

• Image dimensions should be high enough so that it can fill a reasonable portion of a 1080p screen. This totally depends on how much stuff you’ve got in the image, but it’s best to keep a high res backup in case I need it.

• Drawings don’t have to be specifically be for this competition. You can submit something you drew a long time ago if it works.

• Foes that win will be the ones that I find most convenient to include in the game. They won’t necessarily be the best designs or most amazingly drawn ones. For example: if I need more fire foes, I’ll pick one of those.


The EBF wiki is a good source of screenshots and information of just about everything in the series, so you can find some good references there.

Foes should fit well into the EBF battle mechanics, so you should consider what elements they might use or be weak against. The EBF elements are: Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Water, Poison, Bomb, Holy, and Dark.

I’m not sure what sort of environments EBF5 will have yet, but they will be inspired by the elements listed above, and will be a mix of some common tropes, like:  sandy desert/beach, forests in different seasons, jungles, small islands, dark mushroom/crystal caves, factory/fortress, snow/ice, old castle, holy temple, high mountains in the clouds, volcano, and space/void. So you should imagine your foes living in some of those environments.

You can browse all of the submissions for the EBF4 for competition here.


Please post your drawing on either:
• Your DeviantArt (I’ll add it to my collections)
• The Newgrounds Art Portal (use the ebf tag)
• The EBF Facebook page (visitor posts – not ideal but it’ll do)

Make sure it’s public and send me a link. If you post it anywhere else there’s a risk it will get lost.



You’ll get to see your foe come to life in a popular game series!
Your original drawing will be featured in the game’s art gallery, and you’ll have your name in the credits!
You’ll get a free copy of EBF5 and EBF4 on Steam! (Or on Kongregate, if you prefer)

Legal Stuff

By submitting your drawings you agree that I can use the designs in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 and any possible future games, on all platforms, forever. I will not own them and you can still use them in whatever way you like. You will not own any part of the EBF games and will not receive any compensation except for the prizes listed above.


The Foe Competition will run until I have designed and animated all of the foes for Epic Battle Fantasy 5. So that gives you a few months from now at least. Winners will be announced on my blogs as I make each foe.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!


96 thoughts on “EBF5: Foe Competition

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      1. P4uly

        Well then, here’s my submisson, hopefully it’s good enough. (Sorry it took so long to reply back, things have been busy recently)

  2. coolperson314159

    I’m not that artistic, but can I make a written design? Will include basic enemy description, elements, attacks, etc.

  3. Nam

    can i make a monster no Resistance with any element and status ? just like the glitch in EBF 4 game, it can only beat with the non-element weapon ❓

  4. Demoowulf

    I have a good friend who is aspiring to become a professional artist. I’ll see if I can get her to design a few enemies. A little publicity would be great for her.

  5. Base Gumnwolf

    Are bosses acceptable? Or if it seems like a boss, a submission that’s “big enough” can possibly become a boss?

    1. Spirare

      If you look at the original post, an (accepted) entry for the Crystal Golem/Guardian is shown.

      So yes.

  6. HotchAr

    alas, even if I had the creativity to submit something, I’m not signed up to any of the applicable submission formats (nor any similar alternative).
    If i were to submit something, it would basically be possessed costumes. i.e. in a creepy chapel, floating wedding dress that attacks with holy/flowers, weak to fire with a special attack “holy matrimony” that instant kills one male party member, but it itself is sacrificed (ascends to heaven).
    variants could be wizard’s robe or blacksmith’s apron (dark/poison and bomb/fire respectively)
    and yes, I do realize that without a proper submission this is so much spit in the wind, but it’s an interesting prompt…if you don’t have to make fifty million of the suckers.

  7. Spirare

    I really hope you plan on returning the Sandworm in about the same form as it appeared in EBF4 – Loved it, definitely my favorite battle in the entire series. Very unique tactics required (for me anyways). :love2:


    Probably not entering, unless you happen to accept horrible pixel art… Which you most likely aren’t… :bleh:

  8. Howdy

    So if we don’t leave any details on attacks you’ll just make up a few of your own?
    I have a submission and like 2 attack ideas… I am lacking…
    lol you’ll probably just pick another :tongue:

  9. Anthony (Da_snyggin)

    Hey, so i’m really intrested in doing an entry for this thing, but my drawing skills are horrible…. If i submit some semi-horrible art, will you still give it a look and a chance?

    If you did, i’d still make sure to get the info in there and what not, it would just not look that appeasing in the beginning… xD

    Also, i’m doing it in paint with a mouse cuz i got nothing else 😛

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Just keep a high res version saved somewhere in case I need it, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  10. A Wikia Editor

    Many thanks for linking to the wiki. It is really nice of you. :hurray:
    Though I feel kind of bad, since foes are probably the least done pages.
    However… this post fills me with determination.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Even I sometimes use the Wiki for reference when I need to check some info about the older games!
      So I guess you’re doing a pretty good job.

  11. Nam

    Matt, i think is very good if you don`t do the premium pack on EBF 5 because too many hate to pay the game EBF 4 :yay:

      1. FoolishOne

        Well… I didn’t have any problem with paying for the new skills 😉 Only game where I actually did pay something for it….. 👿
        And most likely will again 😉 The animations where quite good…. and it helped me turning Matt into a mage =P :shades:
        If the premium pack is similar, by any means do it again… 😉 :stars:

      2. Lyra

        I’m going to go buy EBF4 right now to help fund this. Played it ages ago when it was a free flash game and absolutely loved it.

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      Really the premium pack doesn’t add much more than an extra area, a few extra challenges, and a few new bits of gear. It didn’t really detract from the story or leave the game feeling empty. It just adds some extra content.

      But then, I speak as one who bought the premium on steam.

    2. Spirare

      Those parts aren’t important to the main story.

      Not having paid content in EBF4 or BH2 would not mean that Battle Mountain and the bonus bosses would be available for everyone. It would probably mean that Battle Mountain and the bonus bosses (and anything else unlocked by paying) wouldn’t exist AT ALL.

      Besides, Matt needs money. Seriously. Why can people not understand the idea that developers need money? 😐

  12. Mank

    If someone wins and already has EBF4 (on Steam), can you get Bullet Heaven 2 instead (on Steam)? :shades:

  13. Stefan Kriechmus

    About the evironments, is there going to be a alternative dimension with bizarre simple foes? As like 8bit-clones of the main characters (or maybe really weird, the embodiment of Matt’s intelligence)?

    1. A Person

      The embodiment of Matt’s intelligence… Well i assume you’re talking about the character, not Rozak. It would be too small and easy to fight 😐

  14. Billy The Honourable

    Is… Ms Paint… Okay… To draw on for this? Because I am NOT spending £205 a year for Photoshop!

  15. Daravyus

    Wasps not re-used? Oh yeah that fills me with happyness! No more infinity waves at lvl 3! :hurray: :yay: :stars:

  16. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    It is times like this that it is a damn shame I have limited artistic skill. I’d love to suggest concepts.

    It is also a pity you don’t do more human creatures. I mean, I’m sure something like a lizard man could work or something, but humans would have been really cool.

    So… if you read this comment, could I make a written suggestion right here and now?
    Bring back the Dark Heroes! They were awesome to fight, but if I had one complaint about fighting them, it is that it wasn’t a true-to-form WAR against them! Instead of pairing them two and two, I would have loved if they fought you in ONE GLORIOUS BATTLE, where they have the same options and functions you do (being able to swap out the backup heroes, changing weapons, reviving fallen allies, etc). Having all of them at once would negate the need for them to bring “seudo-bosses” along for the ride, or minions, and I think it would be an excellent end-game challenge for those who get whatever Battle Mountain we may get for this game! :love2:

    Could you at least consider it, Mr. Roszak? I understand there are likely issues that could stem from such an ordeal, but it would be worth EVERY DOLLAR for the challenge. :stars:

  17. Eaten_Sandwich

    does “Drawings should be in a similar style to the EBF games’ battle format” mean they need to be similar to your particular art style?

    1. Eaten_Sandwich

      Also, what are the odds of having enemies with “advanced” interactions with each other. Ex: slimes that combine, an enemy that splits or changes when killed, etc.

        1. Turtwig1123

          what about splitting up (like when it gets killed, X enemies are spawned (like maybe slimes))

    1. GoldenKing

      You don’t have to use a drawing program to enter, but a good one would be Autodesk Sketchbook. I think it’s free as well.

    1. Garrettp375

      I have a pretty good idea for an entry. Too bad I’m terrible at drawing, so I’m probably gonna use all the time I can to draw it just right. But I should be able to get this done. Good luck everyone!


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