29 thoughts on “EBF5: Anna

  1. Natalia

    amazing :stars: I love the idea of changing the haircolor, but will it be in the game from the beginning or will you have to find a special Item or something? :wut:

  2. Z2

    It’s difficult for me to decide a favorite, none of them really jump out, but I -do- really like that sometimes the weapons will change color to match the outfit.

  3. Hanna-Diana-Magic

    Well Matt,
    I’d like to tell you that Anna’s hair, in some options, it is a little different than Natalie’s…
    For example when it is in braids, only the one braid can be seen.
    However, it can’t be counted as a mistake if the other braid is supposed to be behind Anna’s neck.
    ( or if the braid is supposed to be only one )

  4. Justin Zhou

    I’m sorry but I can’t stand the magic 1 sound effect. It I’m the only one, proceed to ignore me, but please make it something more… uh… Soothing! Like EBF4 Anna Flute Magic. Otherwise, I like it!

  5. CatLoverz02

    I really like the ‘shoot 5’.
    IT IS AWESOME!!! :stars: :stars: :stars:
    The sound effects are great too. :yay: :yay: :yay:
    Matt,how many percent have you accomplish for EBF5? ❓

  6. Trycka

    I only wanted to say that the cleavage button make Anna’s chest change when wearing the cow dress (i may be blind but it’s size change a little).

  7. gimmethegepgun

    Glitch: when she uses Item Catch, Throw, or Pass, her arm suddenly appears in front of her hair

  8. Khang Nguyen

    When equipping the White Dress (which I don’t now what it’s called), her right should glitched out of her body.
    And other costumes seems to be fine

  9. Medlin

    Some bows doesn’t really look to fit her arm. Also, bows’ middle is slighty higher than her arm that also make it looks weird for some weapons.

  10. Rami120

    Nice character and cool abilities . But , there is a glitch when Anna gets frozen then when she shoots the enemy with her weapon the ice disappear then after shooting it gets broken . Same thing with Natalie . :yay: 🙁

  11. Ze

    i really love how changing the hair color also changes the color of the leaves that pop out of her when she’s hit. Nice detail! :love2:

    Easter egg: Moving the mouse over anna’s hair makes it move

  12. komodor

    it looks cool, but the cleavage option changes just few of the clothes. Otherwise I am hyped :stars:

  13. Kraysis

    Visual glitch, when using Item Catch, Throw, and Pass, her arm seems to phase over her hair for no reason

  14. Cornflakes

    Found some little visual bugs:
    In idle mode, the bowstring is behind her left arm, but when shooting it suddenly goes through her arm.
    The whole bow should be in front of her body instead of behind when she’s using it.
    And last thing: http://puu.sh/nR08n/9158dd70ab.png -> there are suddenly two bowstrings with this bow.

      1. SomaSam

        I honestly thought the multi-bow string was intentional. Considering its a compound bow, it would have multiple strings running back and forth. Perhaps not right on top of one another, but still, I thought it was a nice touch.

        I will agree with the bow being behind Anna’s left arm should be fixed though. Its not an issue with almost all of the bows. But with the harps, it looks really really weird how she pulls the string back and shoots the arrow even though the harp is being held completely wrong.

    1. Orange

      easily one of the games I have anticipated the most…. cant wait for the release, keep up the good work! :smirk: :yay:


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